Haiti opposition rejects president's assurances he will fight corruption

By Andres Martinez Casares and Andre Paultre

HAVANA (Reuters) – Haitian President Jovenel Moise said on Tuesday he was making moves to end the country’s corrupt political and economic system, acknowledging one of the opposition’s demands yet failing to convince protesters, who again took to the streets.

Moise held a rare news conference at midday, rejecting calls for his resignation amid anger over alleged corruption by public officials, fuel shortages and rampant inflation that has fuelled five straight weeks of protests.

Instead, Moise said he was ending questionable contracts with businesses made under previous administrations, accusing the guardians and beneficiaries of the unfair system of preventing the country from moving forwards, without naming names.

He also said he would work on getting the country back in gear and planned on addressing the nation more frequently.

Haitians have complained of a leadership vacuum given Moise’s rare appearances during a crisis which has shuttered schools, businesses and public offices. The last time Moise spoke publicly was nearly three weeks ago in a pre-recorded 2 a.m. televised address.

“I have heard your cries in the streets,” said Moise, who has survived several waves of protests since taking office two and a half years ago, although this is the longest one.

The president said his resignation would not be the golden ticket to changing the corrupt system.

“Instead, it is necessary to sit down in order to discuss this.”

The opposition rejected his assurances and calls for dialogue.

“Moise does not have the moral authority to attack the guardians of the system of exclusion that we are fighting today as his electoral campaign was financed by these people,” said opposition leader Andre Michel.

“We are all aware of the need to end this system …(but) the solution of the crisis today requires above all the immediate resignation of Jovenel Moise.”

Moise was a businessman with little political experience before becoming president and is one of several officials implicated in the alleged embezzlement of billions of dollars of Venezuela-sponsored Petrocaribe funds.

He denies any wrongdoing, but his government has failed to investigate further.

Protesters on Tuesday afternoon set barricades in the streets of Port-au-Prince and burnt tires in response to the president’s address, although the spontaneous protests paled in comparison to some of the organized ones of recent weeks.

“He is the one who is responsible for the current situation,” said Jean Robinson Casamajor. “It would have been better if he had kept his mouth shut.”

Delince Odeus said his children could not go to school and food products were too expensive in a country where inflation is running around 20 percent.

“I am living in misery,” said Odeus. “ I want the president to leave the country so I can have a better life.”

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‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah & Jeremy Consider Getting Back Together & He Jokes He ‘Banged’ Her ‘Brains Out’

Want to know what’s REALLY going on with Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert? Well, they answered that exact question during the Oct. 15 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

The Oct. 15 episode of Teen Mom 2 started with Leah Messer revealing that Jeremy Calvert had gotten back into town recently, so they spent the previous night together. And because of that, Leah’s sister, Victoria, asked, “What’s the update on you and Jeremy?” She replied, “Well, last night we went out. And we ended up staying the night” — but she also said there’s “no status” to report just yet. “So it’s just a hookup?” Victoria asked. And Leah freaked: “WTF? A hookup? I think we’re just going with whatever the flow is, but he said he might be coming to Hawaii.”

Then, when Victoria asked why Jeremy would be going to Hawaii with her and the kids, Leah said it was because he had never been there before, but Victoria called “bulls***” on that one, as she suspected it was for a much more romantic reason. Interestingly, when she asked Jeremy the same question, he said he recently “banged” Leah’s “brains out”, and they all had a good laugh since it was true.

Later, when Jeremy met up with his friend, Cam, they also talked about his potential “family vacation” with Leah. Jeremy said it’s “been a long time” since they went away together and “Hawaii would be great”. He confirmed that he and Leah are getting along better now when they went out the other night together, it “was normal as hell”. He claims that when Addie got sick it “opened” their eyes and now they “co-parent well” together. But when Cam asked how Jeremy would define their rekindled relationship, Jeremy said, “I don’t know. We’re still single at this very moment”. And Cam added that “everyone deserves a second chance”, including Leah. Still — Jeremy is worried that if they do get back together, and it doesn’t work out, Addie “will remember” it.

Meanwhile, Jo threw a wrench into Kailyn’s vacation plans, Chelsea launched a new diaper bag, Briana hoped to take her relationship with John to the next level, and Sean begged Jade to let him see Kloie.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV!

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Report says women must be offered lunchtime cancer screenings

Breast tests in your lunch hour: Women must be offered mammograms and smear tests close to work, report demands in a bid to halt the collapse in screening rates

  • Report demands women must be offered lunchtime cancer screenings 
  • Comes amid a collapse in screening rates, putting millions of lives in danger
  • Cervical screening attendance is at its worst level in 21 years

Women must be offered lunchtime mammograms or smear tests to halt a collapse in screening rates, a report demands today.

The official review said breast and cervical cancer tests should be made far more convenient. Women would be able to have them carried out at surgeries and clinics near work, instead of at their GP.

Millions of lives are in danger because routine screening is at an all-time low; the latest take-up rate is around just 70 per cent. Commissioned by the NHS, the 136-page report warns that poor leadership has created ‘confusion, delays and risks to patient safety’.

It highlights alarming research suggesting half of those who fail to attend screening appointments did not find the time or simply forgot to go.

Women must be offered lunchtime mammograms or smear tests to halt a collapse in screening rates, a report demands today (stock) 

Sir Mike Richards, the former national clinical director for cancer who wrote the report, called for radical change to address the crisis. ‘Every day of delay is a missed opportunity to catch a person’s cancer or disease at an earlier point, and potentially save their life,’ Sir Mike said.

As well as more convenient sessions, he calls for GPs to be given financial incentives to offer appointments in the evenings and at weekends.

Cervical screening attendance is at its worst level in 21 years – with just 71 per cent of the eligible population up to date on their tests. Breast screening uptake for women aged 50 to 70 is at its lowest since records began in 2003, at just 70 per cent.

The bowel cancer programme for men and women has failed to reach its target of screening 60 per cent of the population, with 1.8million of those eligible missing out. Today’s report, commissioned after a number of screening blunders last year, calls for a wholesale reform of the screening programme. Sir Mike suggests Public Health England is stripped of responsibility for running screening – with all functions to be handed instead to NHS England.

That proposal was last night approved by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Sir Mike also called for the rules that govern screening to be overhauled.

‘People live increasingly busy lives and we need to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to attend these important appointments,’ he added. Women should be able to choose appointments at doctors’ surgeries, health centres or locations close to their work during breaks rather than having to attend their own GP practice, he suggested.

Screening programmes are organised by GP surgeries, which means cervical testing, for example, is done either at the doctors’ practice or at a council-run sexual health clinic.

For breast screening, women will go to a scanning clinic, usually at the hospital nearest their GP surgery.

Women who work in a different area find it very difficult to access screening appointments during the working week – because they can only be tested near home. Sir Mike proposes making the system much more flexible so women can pick and choose where they are tested.

Robert Music, of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said: ‘We need to see quick and decisive action as a result of the recommendations before we are confident that the change needed will take place.

‘We have long been calling for more accessible appointments, with women able to book and attend screening at locations other than the GP they are registered with, and are pleased to see this referenced.

‘This is not a simple move and we look forward to seeing a roadmap to making this happen.’

Lynda Thomas, of Macmillan Cancer Support, said: ‘Screening and early detection can improve and even save lives, and we now urgently need the Government to implement the recommendations in this review.’

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U.S. lawmakers set measure opposing Trump on Syria troop withdrawal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Democratic lawmakers, joined by some of President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans, introduced a resolution on Tuesday opposing Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, the latest sign of deep disapproval in Congress of his action.

“We have always maintained that, while certainly needed, a sanctions package alone is insufficient for reversing this humanitarian disaster,” House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement introducing the resolution.

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Gina Rodriguez Apologizes For Saying N-Word in Instagram Stories

“I am sorry if I offended anyone,” the “Jane the Virgin” actress said Tuesday

Broadcast is back in session: Fall TV a.k.a. the kickoff to the traditional September-to-May season, began last month with CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and The CW starting to premiere fresh seasons of their returning shows and debuting new series. To date, 17 new fall programs have premiered on the broadcast networks and we’ve got each of their starts charted by total viewers below. Find our summer version of these rankings here and the midseason list here.


  • Rank: 17        Show: “Nancy Drew”    Net: The CW    Total Viewers: 1.174 million

    The CW

  • Rank: 16        Show: “Sunnyside”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 1.794 million


  • Rank: 15        Show: “Batwoman”    Net: The CW    Total Viewers: 1.799 million

    The CW

  • Rank: 14        Show: “Bless the Harts”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 1.808 million


  • Rank: 13        Show: “Perfect Harmony”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 2.601 million


  • Rank: 12        Show: “Almost Family”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 2.951 million


  • Rank: 11        Show: “Mixed-ish”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.009 million


  • Rank: 10       Show: “Emergence”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.111 million


  • Rank: 9        Show: “Prodigal Son”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 4.180 million


  • Rank: 8        Show: “Stumptown”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.534 million


  • Rank: 7        Show: “Evil”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 4.618 million


  • Rank: 6        Show: “Bluff City Law”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 4.727 million


  • Rank: 5        Show: “Kids Say the Darndest Things”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 5.399 million


  • Rank: 4        Show: “Bob Hearts Abishola”   Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 5.876 million


  • Rank: 3        Show: “Carol’s Second Act”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 5.965 million


  • Rank: 2        Show: “All Rise”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 6.006 million


  • Rank: 1        Show: “The Unicorn”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 6.007 million


  • Ratings are “Mixed-ish”

    Broadcast is back in session: Fall TV a.k.a. the kickoff to the traditional September-to-May season, began last month with CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and The CW starting to premiere fresh seasons of their returning shows and debuting new series. To date, 17 new fall programs have premiered on the broadcast networks and we’ve got each of their starts charted by total viewers below. Find our summer version of these rankings here and the midseason list here.

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    Where to Stream Horror Movie Classics This October

    With Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect time to settle into spooky season with a few creepy horror movie classics. Whether you’re planning to throw together a late-night horror movie marathon with friends or simply want to immerse yourself into the Halloween season by revisiting a few famous horror movie classics, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

    Here’s where you can stream all of your favorite horror classics, or discover something new this Halloween:

    ‘The Amityville Horror’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Based on the creepy true story of the haunted house in Amityville, NY, the 1979 horror classic, The Amityville Horror reveals the horrific paranormal events the Lutz family experienced once they moved into the house.

    The film stars James Brolin and Margot Kidder as George and Kathy Lutz, a young couple who purchase the house a year after a brutal mass murder took place there. After a month of hauntings and strange events, the Lutz family fled the home, leaving all of their belongings behind. The Amityville Horror shows all of the eerie events that happened in between.

    The ‘Scream’ franchise

    • Where to watch it: Netflix

    Inspired by the many tropes and trends of slasher films, Wes Craven’s Scream franchise is the perfect combination of horror satire and a fantastically suspenseful murder mystery.

    The film follows high school student Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, who is mourning the death of her mother while a masked killer by the name of Ghostface terrorizes the town of Woodsboro. As the town’s police department and a tenacious journalist, played by Courtney Cox, race to uncover the killer’s identity, the death toll grows and everyone is a suspect.

    Catch the entire franchise from the original Scream to Scream 4.

    ‘Night of the Living Dead’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    If you’re craving a good zombie apocalypse movie, the best place to start is with the original. Filmmaker George A. Romero is considered by many to be the very creator of the zombie genre, famous for hits like Day of the Dead. It all began with the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

    The film follows a group of Pennsylvanians trapped in a farmhouse defending themselves against the flesh-eating legion of the walking dead. This legendary horror film inspired modern zombie films to become what they are today, featuring some of the eeriest-sounding radio broadcasts and being among the first films of its time to show such violence and gore on screen.

    ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Evil Dead II’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    As one of the most successful cult horror movie classics to date, the Evil Dead movies are definitely worth checking out for horror fanatics of all kinds. The original film, written and directed by filmmaker Sam Raimi, spawned an entire franchise, including two sequels, a 2015 reboot, video games, comic books, and the television Ash vs. Evil Dead, which lasted for three seasons.

    The original Evil Dead follows a group of college students vacationing in a remote cabin deep in the woods, who find the mysterious Book of the Dead that releases an unstoppable army of demons and spirits when the book is read aloud. This gory, campy haunt is the perfect film to enjoy on Halloween night. Groovy.


    • Where to watch it: Netflix

    Go on a date with disaster and watch Brian De Palma’s famed high school horror flick, Carrie.

    Based on Stephen King’s first novel of the same name, Carrie revolves around a shy 16-year-old named Carrie, played by Sissy Spacek, who is constantly mocked and bullied by her fellow classmates and abused at home by her abusive mother, all of whom are completely unaware of her telekinetic abilities until it’s too late. Disaster strikes when Carrie’s bullies take everything way too far by pulling a cruel prank on her at the senior prom.

    With its grim, visceral depiction of supernatural abilities, religious fanaticism, and teenage angst, Carrie is a horror experience you won’t forget any time soon.

    ‘Friday the 13th’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    The vicious machete-wielding menace Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic and widely-recognized horror movie villains alongside Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers.

    The series revolves around the hapless campers and counselors of Camp Crystal Lake as the hockey mask-wearing fiend, Jason carries out a bloody mission of revenge against the camp after two negligent counselors allowed Jason to drown as a child through their inaction.

    The franchise includes twelve films and a television series from the 1980s. The movies themselves are wildly creative and fun, featuring an intergalactic space rampage in Jason X and a showdown with the master of nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger, in Freddy vs. Jason. If you want to enjoy a marathon of creatively gruesome slashers, you’ll definitely want to watch Friday the 13th.

    ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Roman Polanski’s Academy-Award winning supernatural horror film, Rosemary’s Baby will have you asking yourself who you can really trust.

    The film follows a young couple, a housewife named Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, and a struggling actor named Guy, played by John Cassavetes. The couple moves into a new apartment building in New York City and Rosemary becomes pregnant after a famously horrific dream sequence. Strange events begin to occur after Rosemary gets pregnant, which leads her to believe that her neighbors may in fact be members of a satanic cult who are after her unborn child.

    The film’s scares are purely psychological and will have you concerned for both Rosemary’s sanity and her safety. Are her neighbors out to destroy her family, or is it all in Rosemary’s head? Give this horror classic a watch and find out.

    ‘Child’s Play’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    The horror film that scared an entire generation of children out of playing with dolls is now available on Hulu, along with its first two sequels.

    Child’s Play follows a young boy named Andy, played by Alex Vincent, who really wants a “Good Guy” doll for his birthday. Unfortunately, the doll his mother gets for him happens to be possessed by the soul of the recently slain serial killer, Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, played by Brad Dourif. To avoid being trapped inside the doll forever, Chucky must transfer his soul from the body of the doll to the first person he revealed his true self to, which unfortunately happens to be Andy.

    Chucky’s reign of bloody terror continues for seven films, getting increasingly goofier as the franchise continues. The first three films, all available on Hulu, have a consistent creepy tone that will have you wondering what might have been going on behind the beady plastic eyes of your favorite childhood toys.

    ‘Black Christmas’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    From John Carpenter’s iconic slasher Halloween to the creepy Christmas flick Krampus, there are a ton of holiday horror flicks out there and it all began with Bob Clark’s Black Christmas.

    Before Clark created the wholesome holiday classic A Christmas Story, his resume was a lot bloodier with the slasher film that seemed to inspire the slasher genre itself. The film revolves around a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and harassed by an anonymous caller who begins a murderous rampage at the university. Black Christmas features one of the most iconically creepy endings in the entire horror history, making it a perfect film for both of the hugest holiday seasons.

    ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Based on the science fiction-horror novel The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, Philip Kaufman’s 1978 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers takes place in an eerie apocalypse where alien life forms called “Pods” have begun to murder human beings and replace them with creepy emotionless duplicates.

    The film follows a health inspector and his assistant as they desperately try to survive the alien attack, which seems to have decimated the entire San Francisco area.

    Read more: The Scariest Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

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    Daily Podcast: Kevin Feige Gains More Power at Marvel, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, The Matrix 4, and More – /Film

    On the October 15, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by to discuss the latest film and TV news, including Kevin Feige gaining more power at Marvel, The Batman finding its Catwoman, Venom 2 adding a second villain, Martin Scorsese’s latest superhero movie comments, Disney’s Avengers ride, Universal Studios Beijing’s themed lands, and some breaking news about a new cast member for The Matrix 4.

    Opening Banter


    In The News:

    • Chris: ‘The Batman’ Finds Its Catwoman in Zoe Kravitz
    • Brad (og HT): ‘Venom 2’ Gets a Second Villain with Shriek, Carnage’s Longtime Love Interest
    • Chris: ‘The Matrix 4’ Cast Adds Neil Patrick Harris in a Secret Role (Yes, Really)
    • Brad: Martin Scorsese Doubles Down on Superhero Movie Criticism, Says Theaters Need to Show More “Narrative Films”
    • Ben: Disney’s ‘Avengers’ Ride System Will Be “Something That We’ve Never Seen Before”
    • Brad: Universal Studios Beijing Reveals Seven Themed Lands: Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic World & More
    • Ben: Kevin Feige Becomes Chief Creative Officer at Marvel, Now Overseeing Film, TV, and Publishing


    Other Articles Mentioned:

    • 31 Days of Streaming Horror


    All the other stuff you need to know:

    • You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today’s show at slashfilm.com, and linked inside the show notes.
    • /Film Daily is published every weekday, bringing you the most exciting news from the world of movies and television as well as deeper dives into the great features from slashfilm.com. 
    • You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (RSS). 
    • Send your feedback, questions, comments and concerns to us at [email protected]. Please leave your name and general geographic location in case we mention the e-mail on the air.
    • Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, tell your friends and spread the word! 
    • Thanks to Sam Hume for our logo.

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    Family sues ‘master’ over son’s testicle-pumping death

    The family of an Australian man who died after pumping his genitals with illicit silicone injections is now suing the person who they say forced him to do it.

    In 2018, Rolling Stone reported that 29-year-old Tank Hafertepen — who changed his name from Jack Chapman at the behest of his “master,” Dylan Hafertepen — died of a lung hemorrhage caused in part by silicone traveling through the bloodstream into his lungs, a condition called “silicone embolism syndrome.”

    Tank’s family alleges that he was ordered to increase his testicles to the size of basketballs while he was a “submissive” in Dylan’s Seattle-based polyamorous group. Dylan’s submissives, or “pups,” would perform acts to win his favor, which included the requirement of having an oversized scrotum.

    Tank’s mom, Linda Chapman, and brother, Ben, have filed suit against Dylan and his cohorts, including Daniel Balderas Hafertepen, Charles Osborn, Matthew Scott and Philip Myers, claiming no one informed family when her son was hospitalized and died. News of his death reached his family a week after the fact, while Osborn was inexplicably named as the executor of Tank’s will, The Daily Beast reported, which was dated three weeks before his death. The stipulations included a $200,000 gift to Dylan that came from an inheritance from Tank’s late father, according to a BuzzFeed News report from 2018.

    Last November, Chapman appeared on Australia’s Channel 10 show “The Project” to send Dylan a message: “I believe with all my heart that you are wholly and solely responsible for my son’s death. I wish you were dead. I’ve heard of the abuse at your hand. You abused him.”

    Holding a photo of her late son, she added, “That’s my son, that’s my Jack … not what you turned him into, not what you wanted him to be.”

    “Bigger, bigger, bigger but never big enough. What sort of person injects into their fricking balls to please you? What sort of person does that?

    “Someone that feels so badly about themselves,” she continued. “Someone who is vulnerable, who just wanted your love at any cost — and the cost of his life.”

    Dylan has been pegged a leader among “gainers” — a subculture of gay men who prefer large-bodied men — and linked to other victims of silicone injections. Among them is Peter Dovak, who died in November 2017 after allegedly seeking his advice on where to have the illegal procedure performed (which Dylan has denied).

    Dovak’s partner, Rob Waltman, said Dylan “was just a guy who had a connection to black-market, industrial-grade silicone,” according to Rolling Stone.

    Through a shared Tumblr blog, Tank and Dylan chronicled to their followers — many of whom praised Tank’s engorged package — the many demands their BDSM group was forced to follow.

    “That junk down south looks AMAZING,” wrote one fan, BuzzFeed News reported. “Bet your master lays on that bulge like a pillow every night.”

    Since his death, members of their online community are speaking out against these dangerous procedures.

    “My goal with this post isn’t to kink-shame anyone. My goal is simple: I want to make men aware that large-volume silicone injection [sic] can be fatal — not just during and immediately after the procedure — but as a ticking time bomb for decades to come,” wrote one Tumblr blogger. “This is tragic and senseless and awful. No one deserves to die in pursuit of an aesthetic ‘ideal.’”

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    This Foster Dog’s Reunion With Its Caretaker Will Have You Sobbing

    There are times when I come across a truly unique and heartwarming story, and I just can’t keep it to myself. If you’re in the mood for a tearjerker (they will be tears of joy, I promise), you’ll want to hear about a story that started trending on Twitter on Monday, Oct. 14. It involves a lovely foster dog, a generous caretaker, and a series of coincidences. Honestly, the story of this foster dog’s reunion with its caretaker has an ending that’ll have you smiling through your happy tears.

    Kate Howard (@JournoKateH on Twitter), who is the managing editor at the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, shared the heartwarming story on her Twitter page Monday night. By Tuesday morning, it was featured in the Animals section of Twitter news. As of publication, Howard’s original tweet has over 21,000 likes and 4,000 retweets.

    OK, do you have your tissues ready? Howard’s story begins with her sitting on her porch, after attending a memorial service of a friend who had passed away "far too soon." While sitting on her sunlit porch, a woman and her curious dog stopped at her yard. Per her description in the tweet, the pup was "cute, a brown pitty girl with white markings," and her owner called her Winnie.

    Interestingly enough, Howard herself had fostered a dog named Winnie over the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2018. Are your Spidey senses tingling yet?

    Leading up to her week of fostering Winnie last November, Howard tells Elite Daily, "[I] saw her face on the foster group on Facebook … and I drove right over! I happened to be off work and didn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, and thought this was the only time I’d have enough time to care for a puppy." After their week together, the pup was put up for adoption. According to Howard’s tweet, at the time, she "cried for three days after she was spayed and went up for adoption, worrying about whether she had found a good home."

    Nearly a year later, Howard couldn’t help but wonder if this curious dog was the same little pup, so she asked the owner whether or not she adopted Winnie with that name, and Winnie’s new owner said she did. She also told her that she adopted this dog last November. It turns out, this was the exact same Winnie she had fostered. You guys, can you even handle?

    After Howard confirmed the pup comforting her after the loss of her friend was, in fact, the same Winnie she fostered nearly a year prior, Winnie’s new owner revealed the circumstances surrounding the dog’s adoption last November. She told Howard, at the time of Winnie’s adoption, she had recently lost a dog and lined up early to adopt the pooch after seeing her adorable face on the Louisville Metro Animal Services site.

    It was truly the right time and right place for the reunion: Howard had only moved into the neighborhood a couple months prior, now living just a block over from Winnie and her owner. Also, if it hadn’t been for Howard’s attendance at her friend’s memorial service (who was also a dog-lover), she wouldn’t have even been at home on a workday to spot her beloved foster pup.

    The whole story is a series of coincidental events that all began when Howard spread her good will and decided to foster a dog last November. After seeing Winnie, it’s no surprise both Howard and Winnie’s new owner drove right to the shelter after seeing her pic on the site. Even though Howard had a short time with Winnie, the pooch sure made an impression, especially since they "were together 24/7 until I brought her back for surgery and adoption," as Howard tells Elite Daily.

    Though Howard may miss Winnie, she and her current dog, Foxy, now have the opportunity see her more often since they’re neighbors. Foxy was rescued by Howard 13 years ago, and her playdates with Winnie are downright adorable, as evidenced by a video of the two pups from when Howard was fostering Winnie (though it looks like Foxy is still warming up to Winnie). With such an unexpected but perfectly-timed reunion for Howard and Winnie, I hope there are many more playdates for Winnie and Howard’s longtime pup in the future. You’ve gotta love it when a chance encounter leads to all the happy tears.

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    Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Morning Show’ Salaries Revealed

    Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon‘s salaries for their upcoming AppleTV+ series The Morning Show has been revealed.

    According to a report by THR, the site reports that Jennifer and Reese made $2 million per episode of the 10 episode series. The number could be even higher when producing fees and ownership points are taken into account.

    Steve Carrell also stars in the show, and his salary was previously revealed to be $600,000 per episode, according to Variety.

    A ton of other star salaries have recently been revealed and you can check out what A-listers made on movies this year.

    The Morning Show is set to debut on November 1 on the streaming service and you can check out the trailer.

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