17 Fall Essentials to Wear Back to the (Home) Office

Whether you’re preparing to return to in-person work at an office soon, or gearing up for another few months of working from home due to concerns over the Delta variant, a dependable work wardrobe that makes you feel put-together and professional can make all the difference in how you feel about getting back to work. 

From dress pants that are covertly comfortable, to a laptop bag that doesn’t make you feel like it’s your first day of school and you’re hauling around an oversized backpack, the contents of your back to work capsule wardrobe should help you feel polished and prepared- despite the majority of us working from our couch in sweats over the past year. 

Try a wrap top with seemingly endless ways to style it, or a pair of loafers that are ready for some serious commuter miles. And remember, the perfect button up shirt will take your office outfits far. 

Here are 17 things for you to wear back to work, whenever and wherever that may be.  

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