21 Work Bags That Just Might Cure Your Sunday Scaries

This leather tote is spacious enough to use as a work bag without looking like it belongs in an office. Use it to tow your laptop and legal pads Monday through Friday, then as a regular purse on the weekends.

It might be an investment, but this leather satchel will endure the 9-to-5 life until you’re ready to trade it in for that 401k.

The organization and storage this bag offers will give you that extra peace of mind. It’s the simple things in life.

Sacrificing style for function? Couldn’t be me.

Cuyana’s collection of bags and matching accessories allows you to tailor your purchase to your exact organizational needs. Looking for a zipper pouch to hold charging cords? Want to forgo a laptop sleeve? Prefer a thick attachable strap? The choice is yours.

The quilted nylon of this MZ Wallace bag is super lightweight and it has plenty of room for all your odds and ends.

You’ll look poised and polished with a Kate Spade tote, even on days you feel anything but.

Is anyone else partial to the hands-free aspect of backpacks? This option can be used as a backpack or a crossbody tote bag.

A standard shoulder bag with a convenient pocket for essentials will never fail you.

Commuters unite! You’ll love how many compartments and pockets this bag has.

Modern technology might not be advanced enough for flying cars yet, but we do have backpacks that can charge your phone, and that’s pretty cool.

If you’re a fan of the classic work bag style, you can get the look without a hefty price tag with this Amazon pick.

Hailey Bieber and Miley Cyrus aren’t your co-workers (they’re not…right?), but you can still sport the same bag as them. Style points to you.

When it comes to bonus features, this bag seriously has it all. You’ll never forget your lunch on the counter again!

The best part about keeping it simple with a laptop bag is that there’s no room for extra clutter to accumulate. That’s right, no random gum wrappers and hard candies at the bottom of this bag.

For those who live by “there’s a place for everything, and everything’s in its place,” this bag is for you.

Criminally underpaid? Put your paychecks toward the things that really matter and save money on accessories with a budget-friendly option.

Pare down with a sleek laptop bag that does just want you need it to and nothing more.

Your cubicle might feel drab and boring, but this high-end shopper will remedy that in an instant.

Work smarter not harder with a bag on wheels. Efficiency at its finest.

Bring a little pizzazz to your next office party with a bag that shows off your personality.

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