Amazon Shoppers Call This $8 Hand Cream with 21,800 Five-Star Ratings a ‘Miracle Worker’

Increased hand washing (to prevent the spread of COVID-19) and dry winter air may be hard on your hands, but relief for dry, cracked skin is just a tub away, according to tons of Amazon reviewers. 

Droves of shoppers are scooping up O'Keeffe's popular Working Hands Cream this season. In fact, it's one of Amazon's best-selling beauty products, and sales recently grew by 56 percent, driving it towards the top of Amazon's Movers and Shakers chart. The $8 lotion has also earned over 21,800 five-star ratings from owners who rave about the fast relief it provides, helping to alleviate chapped hands. 

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The unscented cream launched back in 2010 and became a best-seller the same year, O'Keeffe's tells PEOPLE. Its formula is designed to work quickly through a humectant (in this case, glycerin), an ingredient that pulls in moisture. And unlike some other lotions on the market, which only hydrate, this formula also protects your hands by creating a barrier to protect your skin and prevent moisture from escaping. Most reviewers claim to feel relief within a few days (if not right away) and the brand even offers a money-back guarantee. 

"This stuff works like a miracle," one reviewer wrote. "I cannot believe how great it worked in such a short period of time. I suffer from sensitive and dry skin, [and] this stuff worked in three days to clear up my issues. I have tried so many lotions and creams, [and] wasted my money because nothing worked really well. I will only use this in the future."

Shoppers also appreciate its affordable price point and claim you don't need to use much to see a difference. "A small amount goes a very long way, making it very cost effective," another reviewer wrote. "Winters in Alaska are very dry and I've used a lot of lotions, but nothing works as well as this stuff. [It's] very soothing for cracked, chapped hands, making my skin soft. My dad converted the entire family, and it's the only thing any of us use."

And the praise doesn't stop there. Shoppers with eczema and psoriasis also gave it rave reviews while others described it as the "best hand cream on the market," "simply amazing," and "magical." It's no wonder the product and its various sizes hold the spot for Amazon's first, second, and third top-selling hand creams overall — a pretty impressive feat considering the retailer sells over 3,000 options. 

If you're ready to show your hands some love with a little salve, you can have the Prime-eligible cream at your door in no time. With several months of cold winter weather ahead, now's a good time to stock up. 

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