Bride’s racy bodysuit wedding dress blasted for being too ‘tacky’

Over the last few days, a video of the bride has racked up 530 likes and 1,100 comments.

Hundreds of responders weren’t a fan of the design, which some described as “tacky”.

One commenter remarked: “Girl. You better get some clothes on before your mother-in-law and family have a hissy fit!

“That is just tacky.”

Another said: “I don’t need to see your v** at your wedding.”

A third asked: “Is there an adult diaper involved or am I seeing things?”

While the majority of commenters weren’t a fan of the outfit, others thought it looked lovely.

One fashion fan defended: “Wow I love it! Love her confidence in it.”

A second wrote: “She looks good and I love that it’s one of a kind.

“Actually kinda impressive… No shame here.”

Another added: “I actually love this, especially for a beach wedding.”

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