Get Ready to Board the Love Boat, Because Lush's Valentine's Day Collection Is Here

Get Ready to Board the Love Boat, Because Lush’s Valentine’s Day Collection Is Here

We’ll admit that Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday that everyone looks forward to celebrating each year, but if you’re a Lush fanatic, you can at least expect there to be an amazing array of themed bath and body products for you to explore. Lucky for you, the brand just dropped its annual Valentine’s Day collection, and all the products will make spending the special night at home that much more relaxing.

The all-new collection features nine products, which are a mix of the brand’s signature bath bombs, shower gels, and bubble bars. That includes a heart-shaped, rose-petal-infused bath bomb; a lip-shaped bubble bar; and a rather, uh, cheeky massage bar shaped like a naked body. Many of them feature dreamy, relaxing scents like rose, lavender, and ylang ylang. All of the products in the collection are currently available for purchase online, but they’ll be available to shop in stores on Jan. 18. Read ahead to take a look and shop everything.

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