Shoppers Say This Clean Beauty Scrub Instantly Smoothes Skin and Minimizes "Nightmare Pores"

A few years ago, I was out to dinner with a friend and their parents when the conversation turned to online shopping. With advancements in artificial reality, their dad asked, did I see people changing how they shopped for beauty products? At the time, I didn't think so. Beauty products are so tactile, I said, seeing it on screen just isn't the same. 

In retrospect, a big ol' lol. I didn't foresee a global pandemic coming for product testers, but I stand by what I said — especially when it comes to something like a face scrub, seeing it online isn't always what arrives in the mail. Which is where trusted brands come in handy (pun intended), like Kopari's excellent work with its new California Glow Enzyme Face Scrub. 

I'm a long-time fan of the brand's Coconut Crush body scrub, a tub of cocoa-scented, coconut oil-infused grit that shoppers say makes them "age backwards." I'm in my late 20s, so aging backwards isn't high on my agenda (I'm already on TikTok, and that's regression enough) — but the brand's translated its efficacy into a face scrub that leaves skin smooth and pores quaking. 

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"I absolutely love the gentle effect it has on my skin. It leaves a natural, polished glow, very soft [skin], and I love the scent too," writes one person. "Most scrubs are rough for mature skin — not this one. [It's] perfect for me." Others comment that this scrub is  the first exfoliant that's been able to instantly soften their dry skin.Even those recently on Accutane and suitably wary of putting anything on their sensitive skin say it's a godsend. 

"The California Glow enzyme face scrub works magically! Instead of stripping my skin of its natural oils, this scrub leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated with no irritation," they wrote of the formula, which combines a biodegradable, vegetable sugar-derived physical exfoliant with pineapple and papaya resurfacing enzymes, coconut milk, and panthenol. Also helping are a cornucopia of antioxidant-heavy extracts, among them melon fruit extract, apple extract, cucumber extract, and Damask rose rose extract.  

According to other reviewers, the scrub's effect on clogged pores is superhero-esque. "This scrub is so good for the nightmare pores on my nose. After one use, my skin was so soft and my pores were greatly minimized." A last person dubs it the best face scrub they've ever used, writing: "I'm obsessed. It exfoliates my face without being too abrasive, [and] it gives me the best glow. I can't get enough." 

Looking for California cool in a jar? The scrub, a good pair of sunglasses, and wave spray are all you need. 

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