Gina Rodriguez Apologizes For Saying N-Word in Instagram Stories

“I am sorry if I offended anyone,” the “Jane the Virgin” actress said Tuesday

Broadcast is back in session: Fall TV a.k.a. the kickoff to the traditional September-to-May season, began last month with CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and The CW starting to premiere fresh seasons of their returning shows and debuting new series. To date, 17 new fall programs have premiered on the broadcast networks and we’ve got each of their starts charted by total viewers below. Find our summer version of these rankings here and the midseason list here.


  • Rank: 17        Show: “Nancy Drew”    Net: The CW    Total Viewers: 1.174 million

    The CW

  • Rank: 16        Show: “Sunnyside”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 1.794 million


  • Rank: 15        Show: “Batwoman”    Net: The CW    Total Viewers: 1.799 million

    The CW

  • Rank: 14        Show: “Bless the Harts”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 1.808 million


  • Rank: 13        Show: “Perfect Harmony”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 2.601 million


  • Rank: 12        Show: “Almost Family”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 2.951 million


  • Rank: 11        Show: “Mixed-ish”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.009 million


  • Rank: 10       Show: “Emergence”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.111 million


  • Rank: 9        Show: “Prodigal Son”    Net: Fox    Total Viewers: 4.180 million


  • Rank: 8        Show: “Stumptown”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 4.534 million


  • Rank: 7        Show: “Evil”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 4.618 million


  • Rank: 6        Show: “Bluff City Law”    Net: NBC    Total Viewers: 4.727 million


  • Rank: 5        Show: “Kids Say the Darndest Things”    Net: ABC    Total Viewers: 5.399 million


  • Rank: 4        Show: “Bob Hearts Abishola”   Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 5.876 million


  • Rank: 3        Show: “Carol’s Second Act”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 5.965 million


  • Rank: 2        Show: “All Rise”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 6.006 million


  • Rank: 1        Show: “The Unicorn”    Net: CBS    Total Viewers: 6.007 million


  • Ratings are “Mixed-ish”

    Broadcast is back in session: Fall TV a.k.a. the kickoff to the traditional September-to-May season, began last month with CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and The CW starting to premiere fresh seasons of their returning shows and debuting new series. To date, 17 new fall programs have premiered on the broadcast networks and we’ve got each of their starts charted by total viewers below. Find our summer version of these rankings here and the midseason list here.

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    Where to Stream Horror Movie Classics This October

    With Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect time to settle into spooky season with a few creepy horror movie classics. Whether you’re planning to throw together a late-night horror movie marathon with friends or simply want to immerse yourself into the Halloween season by revisiting a few famous horror movie classics, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

    Here’s where you can stream all of your favorite horror classics, or discover something new this Halloween:

    ‘The Amityville Horror’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Based on the creepy true story of the haunted house in Amityville, NY, the 1979 horror classic, The Amityville Horror reveals the horrific paranormal events the Lutz family experienced once they moved into the house.

    The film stars James Brolin and Margot Kidder as George and Kathy Lutz, a young couple who purchase the house a year after a brutal mass murder took place there. After a month of hauntings and strange events, the Lutz family fled the home, leaving all of their belongings behind. The Amityville Horror shows all of the eerie events that happened in between.

    The ‘Scream’ franchise

    • Where to watch it: Netflix

    Inspired by the many tropes and trends of slasher films, Wes Craven’s Scream franchise is the perfect combination of horror satire and a fantastically suspenseful murder mystery.

    The film follows high school student Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, who is mourning the death of her mother while a masked killer by the name of Ghostface terrorizes the town of Woodsboro. As the town’s police department and a tenacious journalist, played by Courtney Cox, race to uncover the killer’s identity, the death toll grows and everyone is a suspect.

    Catch the entire franchise from the original Scream to Scream 4.

    ‘Night of the Living Dead’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    If you’re craving a good zombie apocalypse movie, the best place to start is with the original. Filmmaker George A. Romero is considered by many to be the very creator of the zombie genre, famous for hits like Day of the Dead. It all began with the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

    The film follows a group of Pennsylvanians trapped in a farmhouse defending themselves against the flesh-eating legion of the walking dead. This legendary horror film inspired modern zombie films to become what they are today, featuring some of the eeriest-sounding radio broadcasts and being among the first films of its time to show such violence and gore on screen.

    ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Evil Dead II’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    As one of the most successful cult horror movie classics to date, the Evil Dead movies are definitely worth checking out for horror fanatics of all kinds. The original film, written and directed by filmmaker Sam Raimi, spawned an entire franchise, including two sequels, a 2015 reboot, video games, comic books, and the television Ash vs. Evil Dead, which lasted for three seasons.

    The original Evil Dead follows a group of college students vacationing in a remote cabin deep in the woods, who find the mysterious Book of the Dead that releases an unstoppable army of demons and spirits when the book is read aloud. This gory, campy haunt is the perfect film to enjoy on Halloween night. Groovy.


    • Where to watch it: Netflix

    Go on a date with disaster and watch Brian De Palma’s famed high school horror flick, Carrie.

    Based on Stephen King’s first novel of the same name, Carrie revolves around a shy 16-year-old named Carrie, played by Sissy Spacek, who is constantly mocked and bullied by her fellow classmates and abused at home by her abusive mother, all of whom are completely unaware of her telekinetic abilities until it’s too late. Disaster strikes when Carrie’s bullies take everything way too far by pulling a cruel prank on her at the senior prom.

    With its grim, visceral depiction of supernatural abilities, religious fanaticism, and teenage angst, Carrie is a horror experience you won’t forget any time soon.

    ‘Friday the 13th’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    The vicious machete-wielding menace Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic and widely-recognized horror movie villains alongside Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers.

    The series revolves around the hapless campers and counselors of Camp Crystal Lake as the hockey mask-wearing fiend, Jason carries out a bloody mission of revenge against the camp after two negligent counselors allowed Jason to drown as a child through their inaction.

    The franchise includes twelve films and a television series from the 1980s. The movies themselves are wildly creative and fun, featuring an intergalactic space rampage in Jason X and a showdown with the master of nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger, in Freddy vs. Jason. If you want to enjoy a marathon of creatively gruesome slashers, you’ll definitely want to watch Friday the 13th.

    ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Roman Polanski’s Academy-Award winning supernatural horror film, Rosemary’s Baby will have you asking yourself who you can really trust.

    The film follows a young couple, a housewife named Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, and a struggling actor named Guy, played by John Cassavetes. The couple moves into a new apartment building in New York City and Rosemary becomes pregnant after a famously horrific dream sequence. Strange events begin to occur after Rosemary gets pregnant, which leads her to believe that her neighbors may in fact be members of a satanic cult who are after her unborn child.

    The film’s scares are purely psychological and will have you concerned for both Rosemary’s sanity and her safety. Are her neighbors out to destroy her family, or is it all in Rosemary’s head? Give this horror classic a watch and find out.

    ‘Child’s Play’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    The horror film that scared an entire generation of children out of playing with dolls is now available on Hulu, along with its first two sequels.

    Child’s Play follows a young boy named Andy, played by Alex Vincent, who really wants a “Good Guy” doll for his birthday. Unfortunately, the doll his mother gets for him happens to be possessed by the soul of the recently slain serial killer, Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, played by Brad Dourif. To avoid being trapped inside the doll forever, Chucky must transfer his soul from the body of the doll to the first person he revealed his true self to, which unfortunately happens to be Andy.

    Chucky’s reign of bloody terror continues for seven films, getting increasingly goofier as the franchise continues. The first three films, all available on Hulu, have a consistent creepy tone that will have you wondering what might have been going on behind the beady plastic eyes of your favorite childhood toys.

    ‘Black Christmas’

    • Where to watch it: Amazon Prime

    From John Carpenter’s iconic slasher Halloween to the creepy Christmas flick Krampus, there are a ton of holiday horror flicks out there and it all began with Bob Clark’s Black Christmas.

    Before Clark created the wholesome holiday classic A Christmas Story, his resume was a lot bloodier with the slasher film that seemed to inspire the slasher genre itself. The film revolves around a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and harassed by an anonymous caller who begins a murderous rampage at the university. Black Christmas features one of the most iconically creepy endings in the entire horror history, making it a perfect film for both of the hugest holiday seasons.

    ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

    • Where to watch it: Hulu

    Based on the science fiction-horror novel The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, Philip Kaufman’s 1978 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers takes place in an eerie apocalypse where alien life forms called “Pods” have begun to murder human beings and replace them with creepy emotionless duplicates.

    The film follows a health inspector and his assistant as they desperately try to survive the alien attack, which seems to have decimated the entire San Francisco area.

    Read more: The Scariest Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

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    Daily Podcast: Kevin Feige Gains More Power at Marvel, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, The Matrix 4, and More – /Film

    On the October 15, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by to discuss the latest film and TV news, including Kevin Feige gaining more power at Marvel, The Batman finding its Catwoman, Venom 2 adding a second villain, Martin Scorsese’s latest superhero movie comments, Disney’s Avengers ride, Universal Studios Beijing’s themed lands, and some breaking news about a new cast member for The Matrix 4.

    Opening Banter


    In The News:

    • Chris: ‘The Batman’ Finds Its Catwoman in Zoe Kravitz
    • Brad (og HT): ‘Venom 2’ Gets a Second Villain with Shriek, Carnage’s Longtime Love Interest
    • Chris: ‘The Matrix 4’ Cast Adds Neil Patrick Harris in a Secret Role (Yes, Really)
    • Brad: Martin Scorsese Doubles Down on Superhero Movie Criticism, Says Theaters Need to Show More “Narrative Films”
    • Ben: Disney’s ‘Avengers’ Ride System Will Be “Something That We’ve Never Seen Before”
    • Brad: Universal Studios Beijing Reveals Seven Themed Lands: Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic World & More
    • Ben: Kevin Feige Becomes Chief Creative Officer at Marvel, Now Overseeing Film, TV, and Publishing


    Other Articles Mentioned:

    • 31 Days of Streaming Horror


    All the other stuff you need to know:

    • You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today’s show at, and linked inside the show notes.
    • /Film Daily is published every weekday, bringing you the most exciting news from the world of movies and television as well as deeper dives into the great features from 
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    • Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, tell your friends and spread the word! 
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    Grease: Rydell High Musical Spinoff Series Coming to HBO Max

    Tell me more!

    HBO Max, the upcoming streaming service owned by WarnerMedia, has ordered Grease: Rydell High, a musical series inspired by the 1978 hit movie, Grease.

    The series will be set in and around the world of Rydell High, the high school where greaser Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and innocent transfer student Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) fell in love all over again after meeting over the summer.

    The show will reimagine the movie “with some characters you already know, and a whole lot more you will soon meet,” a press release teased. “It’s still the 1950s, a world that rocks with big musical numbers from the period combined with new original songs as well. It’s the peer pressures of high school, the horrors of puberty, and the rollercoaster of life in middle America with a modern sensibility that will bring it to life for today’s musical lovers.”

    Grease is an iconic pop-culture phenomenon that works for every generation, and I’m thrilled that our friends at Paramount were excited about the idea of opening up the show and putting it on a larger canvas for a weekly series,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content, HBO Max. “This is high school and life in small-town USA told on the scale of a big rock’n’roll musical. It’s Grease 2.0 but with the same spirit, energy, and excitement you immediately think of when you hear any of these iconic songs.”

    Said Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount Television, “Grease is one of the most beloved Paramount titles and it’s a thrill to be re-imagining it for today’s audience with our good friends at Temple Hill and Picturestart. When [WarnerMedia chairman] Bob Greenblatt called about bringing it to television, we knew we would be in the perfect hands because of our great working relationship with HBO Max and Bob’s genuine passion for musicals and Grease in particular.”

    A premiere date for Grease: Rydell High has yet to be announced. HBO Max is expected to launch in the spring of 2020 and will exclusively stream shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory, as well as the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot.

    Reflecting on the iconic movie’s 40th anniversary last year, Travolta, 65, and Newton-John, 71, confirmed they’re still good friends.

    “We text!” Newton-John told PEOPLE. “We did something life-changing, making that film. I feel grateful to have worked with him.”

    Temple Hill, Picturestart and Paramount Pictures are also developing a feature film prequel to Grease, titled Summer Lovin’.

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    Evil Casts Renée Elise Goldsberry as Someone Crucial From David's Past

    Oh, Evil‘s Leland Townshend is going to have a field day with this one.

    Renée Elise Goldsberry (Altered Carbon, One Live to Live) will recur on CBS’ supernatural drama this season, our sister site Deadline reports. Her character, Renee Harris, is a charismatic lawyer who works on behalf of the Catholic Church.

    However, here’s the most devilish of details about Renee (or, at least, the one by which we’re most intrigued): She’s the sister of David’s late, often-referenced girlfriend Julia. Goldsberry will appear in multiple episodes.

    The Tony-winning actress (for playing Angelica Schuyler in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton) has a long TV resume that includes The Following, The Good Wife, Younger, Masters of Sex, Law & Order: SVU, Ally McBeal and the “Original Cast Album: Co-Op” episode of Documentary Now!. She also played the title role in HBO’s film adaptation of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Her first major small-screen role was that of Evangeline Williamson on the ABC soap One Life to Live, a part she played for the better part of a decade.

    Evil airs Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

    Got thoughts on what Goldsberry’s character could mean for Mike Colter’s David? Hit the comments! 

    Popular on TVLine

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    Gina Kirschenheiter Wonders 'Who the F–k' Meghan King Edmonds Is in RHOC Exclusive Sneak Peek

    “Who the f–k is Meghan?!” Gina shouts. “I just met this girl!”

    Things heat up between Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson on Tuesday’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and a former castmember gets caught in the crossfire.

    In TooFab’s exclusive sneak peek of the group’s birthday trip to celebrate Shannon Beador, Emily refuses to come out of the bathroom because she’s hysterical over her feud with Gina. Last week, Gina learned the man Emily tried to set her up with — Shane’s cousin — had a girlfriend, and he told Gina that the Simpsons both knew.

    In the bathroom trying to console a blubbering Emily was "RHOC" alum Meghan King Edmonds, who was at the receiving end of Gina’s initial fury when she reluctantly got up from the table and decided to go check on her friend. By the way, a confrontation in any bathroom is the self-proclaimed germaphobe’s "worst nightmare."

    "I tried to do something nice; it didn’t work out. No harm, no foul. You didn’t go out on a date. It’s not like you were emotionally invested in him and then you found out," Emily was seen explaining to Meghan when Gina came charging through the door. "Hello?!"

    Gina was livid. "I’m just gonna tell you this: I’ve done my best. I just met Meghan. I would never bring her into my business," she said, looking directly at a wide-eyed Meghan. "You shouldn’t get involved in any of our business! And you know what I told everybody else at that table? ‘I’m gonna talk to her about it.’"

    "Who the f–k is Meghan?!" Gina animatedly shouted during a later confessional. "I just met this girl, and you’re gonna spill your guts to her in the bathroom?!"

    After some back and forth, Edmonds snuck into one of the stalls, leaving Kirschenheiter and Simpson to duke it out on their own.

    "I think what I think, and that’s it! Have more confidence about shit!" Gina hurled at Emily, who barked back, "How can I when I f–king call you three days in a row, and you won’t even call me back?!"

    "Whatever, Emily! I’m pissed at you!" Gina shouted, as Emily got up in her face and yelled back, "I don’t give a f–k! I’m pissed at you! I am pissed at you!"

    Emily was inconsolable. She stormed out of the bathroom and demanded that an off-camera producer get her "a f–king car." The producer calmly urged Emily to "hang tight for just one sec," but she couldn’t believe she was "even dealing with this bullshit!"

    Back in the bathroom, Gina was still going. "I can only be a friend to her as much as I can be a friend to her," she said to a still-wide-eyed Meghan. "I’m allowed to be upset at my friends, and it doesn’t mean that all of a sudden that I’ve abandoned you! Like, she has abandonment issues!"

    "The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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    Read 40 chapters of My Hero Academia manga series to celebrate the premiere of Season 4 for a limited time

    Did you catch the premiere of the fourth season of My Hero Academia over the weekend? To celebrate the occasion, Shonen Jump is offering fans the chance to read a chunk of the manga series for free.

    Usually, fans who don’t subscribe to Shonen Jump can only read the latest three chapters over on the official website. But for a very limited time, fans can now read chapters 122 to 162 for free. These chapters cover the Shie Hassakai story arc, which is the beginning of the fourth season.

    As we said before, the window to read these chapters for free will only be open for a brief period. In fact, it ends on October 17.

    The third season of My Hero Academia ends with the introduction of The Big 3. These three students are known to be the most powerful students of U.A. High. We also learn that Deku and the rest of the class will be taking on internships with major Pro Heroes. As this upcoming story arc has been the longest in the manga thus far, it’s pretty much a given that it will take up most of season four.

    We’ll be introduced to new heroes and villains, which includes All Might’s former sidekick, Nighteye. If you read the manga, you’ll see that a lot of stuff is about to go down.

    The series follows Izuku Midoriya aka Deku who is a boy born in a world where everyone is born with superpowers known as Quirks, except for him. Still dreaming of becoming a hero like his idol All Might. Through a series of circumstances, he becomes the inheritor of the power of All Might and enrolls in U.A. High to train and become the next generation of heroes.

    My Hero Academia manga series is written by illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It first serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2014 and still going on strong. As of August 2019, there have been 24 volumes of the series collected. VIZ Media has licensed the English release of the manga which can be read on the website right now.

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    Dublin Murders episode 1: Questions we have after mysterious debut

    Dublin Murders has officially launched, and we’re still left wrapping our minds around what just went down in the first episode.

    Set on two different timelines, we see the likes of homicide detectives Rob Reilly (Killian Scott) and Cassie Madox (Sarah Greene) take on a new case after the body of a teenage girl was found murdered in the middle of an archaeological site.

    However, in a series of flashbacks, it appears an extremely similar case happened in the same woods back in the 80s – making us question whether or not the two are linked.

    And while viewers are left pointing fingers at who the potential killer could be, they’re also slowly introduced to the idea that lead detective Rob might have more secrets than we first thought.

    And that leads us into our first question, which desperately needs answers.

    Will Rob’s secrets come out – and was he involved in the first case?

    As viewers are introduced to the current case, we’re also taken back in time to the 80s where another three children find themselves embroiled in a murder.

    As the episode goes on, it comes to light that Rob was the only child to escape the killer back in the original case – but is he now trying to hunt down the same person who took the lives of his two friends all those years ago?

    It’s clear he is keeping his cards to his chest, and no one else knows about his secret – except Cassie, who keeps telling her fellow detective to hand over the investigation.

    However, it looks as though the duo decided to try and solve the crime – but will Rob come out the other end alive? Will he end up accused of the murders? Or will he run away from his troubles?

    Are the two cases linked?

    We’re almost immediately introduced to two different cases during the episode: The first being back in the 80s where three children explore the woods, with only one coming back out alive; while the other is set in the present day, where another child has been killed in the same location.

    And while at first the two unsolved mysterious aren’t linked, Rob appears to connect the dots and starts to believe we may be chasing the same killer.

    If the cases are linked, the Rob will have an insight into what might be going on, as it’s hinted throughout that he was the only child to escape in the 80s.

    While it’s not confirmed, the boy who manages to get out of the woods is then seen being given a fresh identity after leaving his hometown, and names himself ‘Rob’.

    It could just be a coincidence that the lead detective shares the same name, but somehow we think not.

    Is the older sister involved?

    A teenage girl’s body has been found on an altar in the middle of an archaeological site.

    And while people are starting to point fingers, and hunt down the killer, we can’t help but feel that her older sister is somewhat involved – and it seems Cassie is also on the same wavelength.

    When they went round to inform the family of the tragic news, the sister was acting suspiciously, saying she didn’t hear her younger sibling leave the house, and didn’t like the idea of Rob being in her bedroom.

    While the third sister threw up after hearing about the death, the suspect didn’t seem surprised one bit, and happily cleared up the sick, with Cassie.

    There is definitely something odd about the whole family, and while we’re not placing bets just yet, we’re pretty sure the older sister knows more than she is letting on.

    Will Rob and Cassie fall in love?

    Cassie and Rob have such a good relationship, and part of us wants it to blossom into something more.

    What’s a good murder mystery without the addition of a romance going on in the background?

    The pair appear to rely on each other a little too much, as Cassie is already starting to hint that she knows about Rob’s mysterious past.

    They also confide in each other in the middle of the night, have secret little inside jokes and well, they’re both single.

    Let’s see if things heat up between the pair, or if they’re just very good detective friends.

    What goes wrong?

    Rob and Cassie are seen at the beginning of the episode drenched in mud and looked pretty worse for wear.

    And while they sit in the police office, the duo come to terms with the fact that they are to no longer see each other, before we’re taken back in time to the start of their investigation.

    But what could go so wrong that two people, who were thought were going to fall hopelessly in love, must never again cross paths in their lifetime?

    If the two cases are linked, maybe Rob gets himself in so deep that he is left with the only option but to run away.

    It may be found out that he was one of the children involved in the 80s case – and as he’s the only one left alive, people might start to ask questions and accuse him of the crime.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see as Dublin Murders continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC.  

    Got a showbiz story?

    If you’ve got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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    Ava DuVernay, Netflix Sued Over Portrayal of Interrogation Technique in 'When They See Us'

    John E. Reid and Associates are suing for defamation

    Getty Images

    Ava DuVernay and Netflix are being sued for defamation by the company behind the interrogation technique featured in the limited series “When They See Us.”

    John E. Reid and Associates, the company behind the Reid Technique, take issue with the way their interrogation system is described as “universally rejected” in the show and portrayed as a method to extract false confessions from suspects.

    “When They See Us” is a dramatization of the case of the “Central Park Five,” five teenagers who were wrongfully convicted for the assault of a jogger in 1989, only to be exonerated more than a decade later. DuVernay’s series, which debuted on Netflix to critical acclaim and a total of 11 Emmy nominations, showed detectives using the technique to coerce a false confession.

    In the show, the method is equated to “42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision.” Reid’s lawsuit argues that that is a mischaracterization of his interrogation technique and its guidelines.

    “Vitally important to the instant case is that the Reid Technique does not involve and prohibits: striking or assaulting a subject, making any promises of leniency, denying a subject any rights, conducting excessively long interrogations, and denying a subject any physical needs,” the suit reads. “Reid also urges that extreme caution and care be taken when interviewing or interrogating juveniles or those with mental impairments.”

    It goes on to state that the aforementioned exchange did not take place in real life, saying “Defendants published the statements in ‘When They See Us’ in an effort to cause a condemnation of the Reid Technique.”

    Reid also notes that his technique has not been “universally rejected,”

    The suit seeks unspecified damages, disgorgement of Netflix’s profits from the show, as well as an injunction to have “When They See Us” removed from the platform until the line is removed.

    Netflix declined TheWrap’s request for comment.

    Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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    Spoilers: EastEnders reveals dark scenes for Ben as he takes a shocking revenge

    EastEnders has revealed that Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) descent into the world of crime is set to get even worse as he takes shocking action to make someone pay – with Martin Fowler (James Bye) taking the brunt of his wrath.

    With Ben and Tubbs upping the pressure on Martin, who has been forced into their criminal activities due to Ben’s blackmail, Martin takes reckless action that could have dire consequences for him and his family.

    Ben has already issued a very pointed threat towards vulnerable Bex (Jasmine Armfield) which led to Martin beating the living daylights out of him. But if anything, Ben has just been made even more determined to make Martin suffer – and he is going to do that ten fold.

    When Martin double crosses him, Ben determines to make him see that he means business. And Martin is left in a life or death situation that has terrifying and violent consequences – just what is Ben about to do and could this be the end of Martin?

    Another person suffering due to Ben’s blackmail is Stacey (Lacey Turner) – who can’t return until Martin has sorted things out. But as things get even nastier, that doesn’t look set to be any time soon. However, Lacey – who recently gave birth and is on maternity leave – has filmed some scenes as Stacey.

    Could she be forced to rush to Martin’s side as he battles terrible injuries – or worse?

    An EastEnders spokesperson teased: ‘With Tubbs’ help, Ben’s behaviour is set to take a dark turn in coming weeks as he goes to extreme lengths to get what he wants… but who does he have his sights on and how far is he willing to go?’

    Things will come to a serious head in an episode which will air on Friday 25th October at 8pm on BBC One.

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