Everything You Need to Know About Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep'

It’s been nearly 40 years since Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining hit theaters. Since then, the film has become a classic and has terrified audiences for decades. Now, the next chapter is right around the corner.

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep is joining the ranks of King’s other works that were adapted into films. The book is a sequel to one of King’s most famous novels, The Shining, telling the story of adult Danny Torrance’s struggle with his powers as his gruesome past returns to haunt him. The trailer for the film has several nods to The Shining, including familiar creepy imagery and the haunting opening score from the Kubrick film. Read on to learn more about the next thrilling chapter to a horror classic.

The film is written and directed by a great modern horror filmmaker

Doctor Sleep is written and directed by Mike Flanagan, the mind behind Netflix’s adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. While Flanagan isn’t a huge name in horror yet, his filmography is comprised of modern scary flicks that all horror fans will appreciate. Flanagan wrote screenplays for successful horror flicks like Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Hush. This isn’t Flanagan’s first time adapting King’s work, as he wrote and directed Netflix’s adaptation of Gerald’s Game.

The filmmaker is wildly successful with taking books and short stories and adapting them into visually terrifying movies. So, Stephen King fans can rest assured. Doctor Sleep is in very, very good hands.

‘Doctor Sleep’ is a sequel to both the movie and the book

The Shining universe is pretty complex since the book has two film adaptations that are vastly different from one another. In fact, the Stanley Kubrick version has a lot of differences from Stephen King’s original novel. So, will Doctor Sleep follow Kubrick’s film, King’s television mini-series, or King’s original book? The answer is all three, simultaneously.

“It is an adaptation of the novel Doctor Sleep, which is Stephen King’s sequel to his novel The Shining. But this also exists very much in the same cinematic universe that Kubrick established in his adaptation of The Shining,” said Flanagan in an interview, “and reconciling those three, at times very different sources has been kind of the most challenging and thrilling part of this creatively, for us.”

The film embraces both of the worlds that Kubrick’s film and King’s novel created while staying true to its own style. Producer Trevor Macy describes Doctor Sleep as “kind of its own thing.”

King was very outspoken when it came to his opinion of Kubrick’s adaptation: he absolutely despised it. He described Kubrick’s The Shining as “a big, beautiful Cadillac with no engine inside it.” Flanagan worked to create an adaptation that would remain faithful to both source materials.

“Stephen King’s opinions about the Kubrick adaptation are famous and complicated. And complicated to the point that if you’ve read the book you know that he actively and intentionally ignored everything that Kubrick had changed about his novel, and defiantly said nope, this exists completely outside of the Kubrick universe,” said Flanagan

‘Doctor Sleep’ is the first Stephen King sequel to be made into a movie

Doctor Sleep is the first of King’s sequel novels to be adapted for the big screen. Even though It: Chapter 2 will be making its way into theaters soon, the film is technically still the second part of Stephen King’s lengthy novel. So, that makes Doctor Sleep the first true sequel to hit theaters.

The film follows Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, years after the events of The Shining. Now an adult, Danny meets a young girl with the same supernatural abilities and must protect her from a cult that preys on children with powers. From the trailer, the film appears to be a spooky love letter to both Kubrick’s famous adaptation and King’s legendary novel.

Doctor Sleep will hit theaters on Nov. 8, 2019.

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Chris Pratt Was First Attracted to This Quality About Katherine Schwarzenegger

On June 8, superstar actor Chris Pratt and lifestyle author Katherine Schwarzenegger tied the knot. Although it was a small, intimate affair, the wedding was the perfect event for Hollywood royalty.

It was flawlessly beautiful, attended by stars, and stunning in every detail, from each flower to the two Giorgio Armani dresses Schwarzenegger wore. Her father, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, walked her down the aisle, and Pratt’s 6-year-old son Jack was there to be a part of the happy day. 

But how did this beautiful couple meet, and what first drew them together? Here’s a look at their fairytale romance, from the beginning to now. 

How Chris Pratt met Katherine Schwarzenegger

Given the famous circles that this couple travels in, you might expect them to have met at a party or opening night for one of Pratt’s movies. Their actual meeting place, however, couldn’t be farther away from the glamour of Hollywood. Schwarzenegger’s mom Maria Shriver apparently introduced them and the first time they met was in a pretty wholesome place. 

Pratt said in an interview with Extra that they met at church. Attending church was a big part of their dating life. They were even spotted sharing a kiss after a service that they attended with Pratt’s son Jack. Meeting and getting to know each other at church was a good start for this special couple because it turns out that faith was going to be a big part of their relationship. 

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have a marriage of shared values

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God shot 🙏

A post shared by Katherine Schwarzenegger (@katherineschwarzenegger) on

Now that Schwarzenegger and Pratt are settling into married life, it’s clear that an important part of their attraction is the values they share. The most important one is probably their shared religion. They both speak publicly about their faith often, even in things as simple as referring to God when appreciating the beauty of a sunset.

Family is also very important to them. On Father’s Day, Schwarzenegger told the world that one of the reasons she fell in love with Pratt is because he’s such a great father. He’s also hinted that they want “lots of kids.” Clearly, they care a great deal about having a family together, and now people are on pins and needles, waiting to see when they’ll start.

Schwarzenegger has been a passionate animal advocate for a long time. She even wrote a children’s book, called Maverick and Me about her beloved dog Maverick, to encourage kids to consider adopting their pets. Pratt seems to be just as enthusiastic about animals. Schwarzenegger gave him two Kune-Kune pigs for his birthday, which he was thrilled about. He named them Tim and Faith, after the iconic country music couple: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. 

Chris Pratt was drawn to this special quality of Katherine Schwarzenegger

There’s no question that Schwarzenegger is beautiful, but that wasn’t the most alluring thing about her in Pratt’s eyes. Appropriately enough, considering where they met, Pratt was drawn to her deep faith. When they were dating they were seen attending church services often.

According to a source that spoke to People, Pratt admires the fact that Schwarzenegger is passionate about what she believes and comfortable talking about it. Pratt is also happy to mention his beliefs, making them a great match. 

Their close connection to God is clearly an important part of how they navigate the ups and downs of life. Pratt has said: “God is good. God heals the broken heart.” Whatever heartbreak or joy may be ahead for this couple, they seem like they are ready to weather it together, drawing strength from their shared faith and from each other. 

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Where to Watch the Cast of Euphoria Next

It only been two weeks since Euphoria‘s first season finale, and the comedown is still so real.

Sure, the breakout HBO hit will be back for a second season next year, but who can wait that long? While we know Zendaya and her co-stars are coming back for another batch of episodes, how long the wait will be is anyone’s guess. Remember how long it took for the last season of Game of Thrones to hit the air? It could be a while.

Considering the wait for more Euphoria could be longer than anyone might hope, the time spent without its stars on your screen just might be tougher than you’d imagined. While you wait for the intense drama to return with new episodes, we thought we’d help you out by filling you in on where you can watch each of the show’s stars before they return for a new season.


Hopefully we’ll have already seen what’s next for Rue by the time Zendaya’s next big project—director Denis Villeneuve‘s highly-anticipated adaptation of the iconic sci-fi novel Dune, co-starring Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa, among many others—as Warner Bros. just pushed the release of the film, which finished filming last month, to December 2020. She’s got a couple of other films in various stages of pre-production, meaning those could be a bit of a wait too. In the meantime, you can still head out to your local multiplex for a repeat viewing of her as the latest incarnation of the iconic MJ Watson in the latest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, before it leaves theaters for good. You can also check her out in three episodes of the second season of Netflix’s just-canceled The OA, though good luck having any idea of what the hell is going on on that one if you’ve never seen it before. (Or even if you have.) And if none of those suit your fancy, you can always just cue up her excellent team-up with Euphoria‘s lead composer, recording artist Labrinth, on the track “All for Us.” It’ll have you wondering why the former Disney starlet has stayed away from music for so long.


Hunter Schafer

The transgender model, who’s modeled for fashion houses as high-profile as Marc Jacobs, Coach, Versus Versace and Emilio Pucci, among others, made her acting debut as Jules, in a role she worked closely with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson on to ensure it reflected her own experience. While there’s no doubt that casting agents are working overtime to nab her for their next projects, she doesn’t currently have anything else in the works. Though, don’t be surprised if you see her on a runway or two when Fashion Week kicks off next months.


Sydney Sweeney

While you wait to find out what’s in store for Cassie in season two, you’ve got plenty of options to keep Sydney Sweeney on your screens, whether they’re big or small. You can head out to theaters and see her as Snake in Quentin Tarantino‘s latest hit, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. She also appears in the upcoming Pete Davidson film Big Time Adolescence, though since the film made its debut at at Sundance earlier this year, there’s been no update on when it’ll be available. (Another film, Clementine, also made a festival debut this year, only to languish as awaits a distributor.) If the small screen is more your speed, you can catch her in the unfortunately one-and-done Netflix coming-of-age comedy Everything Sucks!, the second season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, or in HBO’s limited series Sharp Objects, available on HBO Go and HBO Now.

Maude Apatow

As for Lexi, Cassie’s younger sister, you can catch the young actress who brought her to life in a different Davidson project, his still-untitled film made by her famous father, Judd Apatow, when it hits theaters next June. Until then, check her out in last year’s Assassination Nation. The black comedy, also written and directed by Levinson, ought to scratch your Euphoria itch.


Alexia Demie

As for the actress who plays Nate’s on-off girlfriend Maddy, you’ve got plenty of options to see her in action. She pops up in a pair of episodes of the third season of Netflix’s Love, as well as one in The OA‘s latest. She also appears in Jonah Hills 2018 directorial debut Mid90s, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Her latest film, Waves, co-starring Sterling K. Brown and Lucas Hedges, will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.


Algee Smith

While the actor who plays Cassie’s college boyfriend Chris McKay doesn’t have any new projects lined up just yet, you can catch him in last year’s feature film The Hate U Give, available to stream on HBO Go.


Angus Cloud

The role of Fezco, the local drug dealer who shares a close relationship with Rue, marked Cloud’s acting debut. It’s also the only project listed on his IMDb page, so if you want more of him, you’re going to have to just watch season one over and over. Sorry.


Barbie Ferreira

While Kat in Euphoria is the model’s most extensive role to date, you can catch her in a few episodes from the second season of Divorce, also on HBO. She’s also hosted a pair of digital series–How to Behave for Vice and Body Party for Teen Vogue–that you can stream online. 

Austin Abrams

As for Kat’s boyfriend Ethan, you can catch Abrams, who played Ron in nine episodes of The Walking Dead from 2015-16, in theaters now in the hit adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for MTV

Storm Reid

If you loved Reid as Rue’s little sister Gia, you’ve got plenty of options to see her in more stuff. She stars in the upcoming thriller Don’t Let Go, out in theaters on August 30, appears in two episodes of Netflix’s excellent limited series When They See Us, voices Nia in Hulu’s newest animated children’s series The Bravest Night, and will star alongside Elisabeth Moss in Universal’s upcoming modern adaptation of the classic horror film, The Invisible Man, due in theaters in March. You can also catch her in Ava DuVernay‘s adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, available to stream on Netflix.


Eric Dane

If you can’t get enough of Dane as Nate’s dad Cal, you can catch him in his original eye-popping role, Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan, in seasons two through nine of Grey’s Anatomy, available on Netflix. He also starred in the TNT thriller The Last Ship for five seasons. You can find that entire series over on Hulu.

Euphoria will return to HBO for season two at a later date.

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'Black Panther 2' Bringing Back Martin Freeman, 'Black Widow' Has a Dutch Giant

Even though Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t include Black Panther 2, we know that there are plans behind the scenes to get the sequel off the ground at some point. Though we’re still very much in the dark about where the sequel will take the African superhero next, we do know at least one cast member who will return from the first movie, and they’re not even from Wakanda. Martin Freeman will return as CIA Agent Everett Ross for the sequel

Meanwhile, Black Widow will be the first movie that officially kicks off Phase Four next year, and even though the project has been filming for a couple months now, we’re just now getting word about them bringing in a massive new cast member who will likely be quite the formidable threat for Scarlett Johansson.

Find out more about this Black Panther update and Black Widow cast addition below.

First up, word on Martin Freeman returning for Black Panther 2 was confirmed by the actor himself. The actor has been making the rounds for the new film Ode to Joy, and during an interview with Collider, he was asked about whether he will be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Freeman said:

“As far as I know, I will be. As far as I know, I will be in another Black Panther. That’s my understanding. As to when that will happen, I don’t know.”

Agent Everett Ross was a key asset in the final battle of Wakanda after King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) brought him back to their high tech laboratory to save his life after an interrogation with Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) went wrong. And it sounds like Marvel has some kind of plan for him to be part of Black Panther’s ongoing story somehow.

But the fact that Martin Freeman hasn’t yet heard when Black Panther 2 will happen seems to indicate that the movie won’t be shooting anytime in the next couple years. That makes sense since it wasn’t included on the roster of release dates for Phase Four. But that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t a priority for Marvel, since it was quickly mentioned with future titles like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. More than likely, whatever story Marvel has planned for Black Panther will fit better at a later point in the MCU.

For now, we know that writer/director Ryan Coogler will return for Black Panther 2. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

Meanwhile, Black Widow is coming on May 1, 2020, bringing us a movie that takes place (at least in part) after the events of Captain America: Civil War but before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. We’ve heard about most of the key cast members for the movie, but a new big threat may have just been revealed for the prequel/sequel.

Though many fans think Rachel Weisz will end up being the villain in Black Widow, it would seem that there will be another formidable threat in the movie. Bodybuilder Olivier Richters, aka The Dutch Giant, has a role in Black Widow. The hulking man standing 7 feet 2 inches is the tallest active bodybuilder in the world, and he confirmed the news on Instagram:

View this post on Instagram

MARVEL 🤩!!! I can finally tell you guys! For the last 3 weeks, I have been in the UK filming my part for the movie: Black Widow (Marvel Studios) 😱. This year in January, for the first time in my life I started to join castings for movies, who would have thought that I got to start with ''The King's Man'', then of to ''Gangs of London (HBO)'' and now Black Widow (Marvel). If someone in 2018 told me my career in the movie industry would start like this, I would have called an ambulance for him 😁. It has always been my dream to do something with my size. Can't wait for all the releases in 2020. Food credit: @musclemeatnl 💪 Photo credit: @gemmy.woudbinnendijk Ps. photo is not my character in this Film. #thedutchgiant #musclemeatnl #fitness #actor #acting #pinewoodstudios #marvel #marvelstudios #waltdisney #waltdisneypictures

A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on

More than likely, Richters is playing a henchman of some kind, but considering his size, I wouldn’t be surprised that he ends up being one of the more formidable opponents that Black Widow goes up against. That’s just speculation on our part, but someone of that size usually doesn’t end up being a good guy.

Black Widow also features David Harbour, Florence Pugh, and O-T Fagbenle. You can find out more about the movie from our recap of the footage that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

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Mindhunter season 2: Who is serial killer William Junior Pierce?

Netflix released Mindhunter season two recently with nine new episodes for fans to enjoy. Season two saw fictional FBI agents Holden Ford (played by Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) speaking to more serial killers about their crimes in a bid to profile them. Season two saw the agents talking to Charles Manson (Damon Herriman), Ed Kemper (Cameron Britten) and William “Junior” Pierce (Michael Filipowich).

Mindhunter is based on the book of the same name by real FBI agent John E. Douglas and his writing partner Mark Olshaker but very little is mentioned of Pierce in the source material.

However, episode three of Mindhunter season two saw Holden and fellow FBI agent Jim Barney (Albert Jones) going to speak to Pierce.

Although Holden isn’t able to extract much information of use out of Pierce, Jim fares better after offering the serial killer some sweet treats.

The sequence demonstrates Jim’s interrogation skills after he failed to make the cut on the Behavioural Science Unit’s team in season one.

Jim manages to get to Pierce after seeing a photo of the killer with his personal effects strewn across his cell bed, including a number of sugary items suggesting the criminal had a sweet tooth.

Mindhunter recreated a real-life photo of the killer with a bed covered with items.

Who is serial killer William Junior Pierce?

Pierce was a serial killer better known as “Junior” who committed robberies and other crimes along with the murders.

He killed nine people between 1970 and 1971 before being arrested in March 1971.

Pierce was sentenced to life in prison in 1973 for his crimes.

The killer had been on parole for burglary, arson and other charges when he committed the murders.

Only a month after his release, he killed his first victim, according to Atlanta news publication the AJC.

Pierce was released despite a prison psychologist report which stated he “may be dangerous to himself and others”, the New York Times reported at the time.

Pierce confessed to three of the murders in Georgia and was implicated in the killings of victims in North and South Carolina.

Who is Mindhunter actor Michael Filipowich?

Filipowich is a Canadian actor who has featured in a number of big projects including the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and 24 playing Nick Coughlin.

The star’s other big shows include The Oath, Charlie Jade and Earth: Final Conflict.

He also previously starred in TV movie called The Hunt for the BTK Killer portraying real-life serial killer Dennis Rader in his late twenties. The BTK killer also features in Mindhunter albeit in cutaway shots.

Mindhunter season 1 & 2 are available to watch on Netflix now

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Kerry Katona slammed for posing in her underwear with daughter Heidi, 12, as she kicks off weight loss – The Sun

KERRY Katona has been slammed by trolls for posing in her underwear in front of her 12-year-old daughter Heidi.

The 38-year-old has started her weight loss journey again and shared a picture of herself in her undies with her adoring daughter looking on.

But fans rushed to comment their concerns for Heidi as she watched her mum snap the sexy pic.

"Totally uncalled for to take a photo like that in front of your kids," one troll wrote.

"Because it tells them it's ok when they are young teenagers to take underwear shots and send them," another explained.

But another defended Kerry and said: "Their kids see more at the beach."

Last week , Kerry hit back at trolls who slammed her for letting her five-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge wear make-up.

The mum-of-five 's youngest child with late ex George Kay posed for photos on Instagram wearing a thick layer of lipstick, mascara, eye-shadow and eyeliner as well as heavy make-up on her eyebrows.

But the post didn't go down well with fans and many accused her of encouraging the little girl to grow up too soon.

Hitting back, Kerry told the "bore brigade" she won't apologise for letting her daughter experiment with makeup.

"The bore brigade were out in force last week, having a go at me for posting pics of my DJ wearing makeup," she writes in her column for New! magazine this week.

"I'm not apologising for anything. DJ's a little girl and she loves putting on makeup like Mummy and her big sisters.


"It was Molly who did it, and I thought DJ looked absolutely beautiful.

"It's not like she does it on a daily basis. Molly's super talented with makeup and she can practise on her little sister any time she wants.

"If you have a problem with that, do one."

Last week, Kerry told fans her daughter Molly, 17, applied the make-up as they needed a girly day of fun, alongside a gallery of photos of Dylan.

She wrote: "So after dj watching @123_mollymc do her big sisters makeup @lils.mc dj wanted to get hers done so we’ve all had a very girly day with lots of fun which was very much needed!"Before anyone starts to kick off about dj wearing makeup it was just a little bit of fun and great makeup practice for molly! No one was hurt in the making of these pics."

One said: "Your daughter does not need make up she is has plenty of time once she is older, natural beauty is the best."

Another groaned: "This is just wrong. She shouldn't have to wear makeup at her age. and should be allowed to just be a kid. This is sending her the wrong message that being grown up and pretty girl is wearing makeup.

"It's almost 2020 and we are still doing this to our girls."

One more remarked: "Sending out wrong signals to wrong people."

Kerry is also mum to daughter Lilly-Sue, 14, with ex-husband Brian McFadden, and Heidi, 10, and Max, nine, from her relationship with Mark Croft.

Kerry has had a tough time recently and is facing a trial in October after being accused of failing to send one of her five kids to school.

She and late husband George split in 2015 and she was forced to take out an injunction against him after a series of domestic incidents.

Earlier this month he died after being rushed to hospital suffering from a suspected drug overdose.

The former Atomic Kitten star has been haunted by the sudden death of her exwho is believed to have died after “eating a quantity of cocaine” at the Holiday Inn in Runcorn, Cheshire.

Last week Kerry admitted she was in counselling over his death and was “haunted” by the tragedy.

However, she has her sights set on a new relationship after signing up for Celebs Go Dating earlier this year.

The singer and presenter said of the E4 show: “It was really, really intimidating for me. All people know me for is being loud and a gob on legs and very confident when it comes to dating.

“I met my first hubby when I was 18. I've always really committed to a relationship, so when you have to walk into a room full of men, for me it was really daunting, like, 'Oh my God, I feel a bit mortified.’”

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Eddie Murphy Enjoys Watching This One Lifetime Show

Eddie Murphy is keeping things pretty chill these days. The father of 10 has been having a great time as a family man lately. That’s all about to change, though. While he hasn’t appeared in a significant movie role since 2016, he has big plans for the upcoming year. He started his return to Hollywood with a chat with Jerry Seinfeld. The Beverly Hills Cop star showed up for an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to discuss his current life and his upcoming roles. During the episode, he dropped a bit of a bomb: Murphy is a fan of Lifetime TV.

Eddie Murphy admitted to watching one LifetimeShow

Eddie Murphy, famed for his comedic timing and wild stories, sat down with Jerry Seinfeld for an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In the episode, he discusses his love for the show Little Women: LA. Seinfeld admittedly had never seen the show but claims he’s heard of it.

Murphyfailed to mention exactly what he liked about the show, but he did ponder thepolitically correct designation for little people. For anyone wondering,“little people” is the preferred term. Murphy noted that the word “midget”however, is considered insensitive and should no longer be used.  

What is Little Women: LA about?

Little Women: LA is the brainchild of Lifetime. The television network has largely pandered to an older female demographic. Long famed for their made-for-TV movies, often featuring some grand calamity, the network has moved in a different direction in recent years. One of their foundation series is Little Women: LA. The show blends the drama of Bravo’s The Real Housewives, with the general interest in how little people navigate life’s challenges, ala Little People, Big World.

In recent years, the show has been home to plenty of drama-filled fights. Most recently, Terra Jole has been accused of bullying castmates, while fan-favorite Christy McGinity threatened to walk from the show. She was angered when her past struggles with substance abuse were brought to the forefront.

The show just wrapped Season 8, but a reunionspecial is likely forthcoming. The show premiered in 2014.

What is Eddie Murphy doing now?

Murphy, who is primarily considered a comedy legend, has been laying low since 2016. He returned to the big screen for something of an encore in Mr. Church and had seemingly hung up acting. The man with a rollercoaster ride of a career is headed back to the screen.

Murphy will be returning to the screen via Netflix in late 2019. He will star in a Netflix original film called Dolemite is My Name. The movie, which centers around the 1975 film, Dolemite, will be unveiled at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2019. It will then be released straight on Netflix. He is also slated to appear in Coming 2 America, in August 2020. The film will serve as a sequel to the 1980s classic, Coming to America. Wesley Snipes will also appear in the upcoming flick, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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'RHOC' Cast: Tamra Judge 'Disgusted' By Son Ryan's Custody Battle With Ex-Girlfriend

Tamra Judge has drama outside of The Real Housewives of Orange County that is all playing out on social media and not in front of the Bravo cameras. The Coto de Caza resident has weighed in on the nasty custody battle his son Ryan Vieth and his ex-girlfriend are involved in and things have gotten completely out of hand that police had to intervene.

Tamra Judge’s Son Sends Threatening Texts To Ex-Girlfriend

The drama between Tamra Judge’s son and his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Rodriguez, has been making waves on social media. This past week, Rodriguez shared screenshots of a conversation she had with Vieth where he suggested she commit suicide.

“You talked sh** about my daughter several times today. She is a child. You are supposed to be a grown up,” Rodriguez wrote in a text she shared in a now-deleted Instagram post. “And she acts like a little b*** just like you, Vieth replied.

But the most horrendous message was when Ryan texted: “Go kill yourself.” In another screenshot, Ryan allegedly said, “this one is for you,” with a picture of a bullet.

View this post on Instagram

Twins @ryan.vieth 🇺🇸 Ava ❤️

A post shared by Tamra Judge (@tamrajudge) on

Did Tamra Judge Ambush Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Things took a turn when Rodriguez took to Instagram again and claimed that the RHOC star had ambushed her.

“So I just got ambushed by Tamra and her mom at my door. She recorded me without my knowledge which is illegal and now she is going to take me to court to get Ava taken away from me,” Rodriguez

Ryan then said that there were police outside of Rodriguez’s home that were preventing him from spending time with his daughter, he took to social media to react to a court order his ex-girlfriend shared online.

“That’s from when I was working 12-hour days at 4:30 in the morning and my daughter was only a few months old and I didn’t want to wake her up every single morning when I work. She knows what our schedule has been. Everyone around me knows what our schedule has been. I have my daughter every single Wednesday until Thursday. I pick her up again on Fridays and I drop her off on Sundays. It’s been that way for years now,” he explained. 

“She wants to play the game because she’s mad because I posted stuff about her? She’s using my daughter as leverage… I’d call that child abuse,” he added. “All I wanted to do was pick up my daughter on my day off like I always do… The only one that suffers is my daughter.”

Ryan then posted an image outside of the O.C. courthouse and wrote: “One thing you dont [sic] do is mess with my daughter and I. You can play yoir [sic] games on social media but now im [sic] going to fight for what is right. I am an amazing father, everyone knows this. She is my world and to play like this is disgusting. I may not be the perfect human but to do this is lower than low. And its [sic] unfortunate that it has to be aired in the public but its time i stood my ground and do what i have to do.”

Tamra Judge Reacts To ‘Public Circus’

Tamra Judge has seen all this ordeal play out publicly and she posted her thoughts on Instagram which she later deleted.

“My son and his ex have created a public circus. I’m absolutely disgusted and my only concern is Ava. Not my circus. Not my monkeys,” she wrote.

In a follow-up post, Tamra shared a quote without directing it to anyone in particular. “To anybody who’s reading this, I pray that you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better,” read the quote. “May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.”

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Cain and Moira destroyed in horror Emmerdale twist?

If you listen quietly enough, there is always an affair going on somewhere in Emmerdale – and Moira (Natalie J Robb) better be careful that Cain (Jeff Hordley) doesn’t find out about hers.

After succumbing to the charms of Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) Moira will be seen dicing with danger with the ever-present risk of short-fused Cain finding out.

While initially managing to keep her sexual cravings at bay, it doesn’t take too long for Moira to give over to them completely – with the thrill of being caught turning her on more than scaring her off .

But Cain catching her would seriously be the least of her problems as it turns out the man she’s literally rolling in the Home Farm hay with is probably even more dangerous than her husband.

Nate after all is a man with a plan, and he has a target on Cain’s back, which could destroy everyone close to him in the process, including Moira.

Kate Brooks has already teased that the whole sordid affair is going to explode in the annual festivities that is the jam-packed Emmerdale shocker specials in October. 

If Nate’s plans to rip the Dingle family apart piece-by-piece gets set into motion, this could mean the end for these two – but to what extent?

After all, Kate teased: ‘Moira is married to ultimate bad boy Cain, so when he does find out, it will be explosive and there will be lots of drama and ramifications for all characters involved.

‘We get to the core of why this affair has happened and the ramifications of it.’

There’s always the chance that Cain, fuelled by revenge, kills off Nate in a fit of rage – or could Moira, with nothing else to lose, finish the job for him?

Then there’s always the chance that Moira, fed up in her marriage, could even jump on board with Nate’s plans in a shocking twist, taking him down with Nate.

Speaking of the October climax, she added: ‘This will all come out then and honestly, it’s a massive week of drama. It’s very story led – a lot of tears, a lot of action and a lot of heartbreak.’

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Xavier Dolan’s Original ‘Death and Life of John F. Donovan’ Cut Was Four Hours Long

Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan’s epic drama “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan” has been sitting on the shelf, at least stateside, since its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto Film Festival. Boasting Dolan’s most ambitious cast to date — including Kit Harrington, Jacob Tremblay, Natalie Portman, Kathy Bates, Thandie Newton, and Susan Sarandon — “Donovan” was met with jeers at the festival, including by IndieWire’s critic Eric Kohn. In a new interview with the Globe and Mail, Dolan now says that the film originally ran a lengthy four hours long. As it stands, the film currently runs a cool two hours.

“I shot the film that I wrote, but the film that I wrote was a 160-page script that made no choices,” Dolan said. “You now want to focus on something [the editing] that I’ve been focusing on for two years and I don’t know how inspired I can be to talk about that. I usually edit movies in two months, not two years. It was at times brutal and invigorating to rediscover something you think you know by heart.”

Dolan opted not to take the film to Cannes after critics savaged his 2016 chamber drama “It’s Only the End of the World,” which ended up winning the festival’s Jury Prize and is, actually, quite good. Originally, “Donovan,” which centers on a pen-pal relationship that develops between a young boy and a closeted TV star, was set to star Jessica Chastain. But at the last minute, Dolan cut her role entirely from the film, stressing that it had “nothing to do” with her performance.

Allegedly, the four-hour cut included a prologue involving Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet” which, like the premise of “Donovan,” chronicles a correspondence between an established artist and an eager acolyte. There was also said to be narration from Michael Gambon’s character, who appears as a vision in the version that screened at TIFF.

The genesis of “Donovan” came from Dolan’s early interest in Leonardo DiCaprio. After seeing him in “Titanic,” Dolan ended up sending the then-rising actor a fan letter. “‘Titanic’ is not just the film I loved as a child, it’s the beginning of many things,” Dolan said. “Probably a sexual awakening, but also a cultural awakening, a cinematic awakening and a life awakening in that I realized how ambitious the film was. It inspired me to consider all the options I had artistically — that I could act, design clothes, even shoot films. None of these options had ever seemed possible before.”

Dolan’s latest film, “Matthias & Maxime,” earned acclaim at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and, like “Donovan,” still awaits a U.S. release. But Dolan has previously exercised patience when it comes to distribution, as his 2013 psychosexual thriller “Tom at the Farm” took two years to make it to U.S. theaters.

“The Death and Life of John F. Donovan” hits Canadian theaters on August 23.

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