Addison Rae Steps Out With a Friend After Confirming Bryce Hall Relationship

Addison Rae wears white pants while going out for some food on Wednesday (December 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 20-year-old He’s All That actress and TikToker was joined by a friend for the outing.

Earlier in the week, Addison and boyfriend Bryce Hall finally confirmed they are dating – for the second time!

Addison recently opened up about the audition process for her upcoming movie He’s All That, which is currently in production.

“I had to go through a long process of it.. I auditioned, yeah. It was a really intense process,” she said on the Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED podcast. “I’ve done self tapes and in person before that, and then that one was kind of like the one that got it. You know, the one that stuck.”

“No, because I think I had done self tapes before, that I didn’t get, so I was like obviously it’s just another one of those,” Addison added about if she was nervous.

“I’d actually just finished filming one of my podcast episodes, and we were outside of the place we filmed and I was like also having a breakdown that day, which was really unfortunate, but like I was crying in the car,” she continued about finding out she booked it.

“It was a lot of stuff like mental health, which sucks, but it was just like I was really overwhelmed, really stressed and then my agents were in the car too, and they were like okay… I was balling my eyes out, and they were like, ‘Alright, we have to get on a call really quick, can you get on it?’ And I’m like literally crying, ‘What are you guys talking about? I’m literally crying.’ And they were like, ‘No, we think you should get on it.” So I got on the call and then I got told [I got it].’”

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