All s**t Ricky Gervais launches foul-mouthed rant as he rages at rule-breaking Tories

Ricky Gervais explains how he injured his back

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Ricky Gervais unleashed his fury as the comic hit out at Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The After Life star suggested that the “next pandemic” will be the rise in young people suffering from mental health issues.

The 60-year-old compared Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party to the Hollywood star Charlie Sheen, as he hit out Eton-educated ministers.

In his latest vlog, the former Golden Globes host stated the government’s inability to stick to their own rules is “the worst thing” he’s witnessed during the pandemic.

Ricky’s outburst comes after a photo unearthed last week that showed Boris alongside his wife Carrie and their baby, as well as former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and ex-Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings, pictured in the parliamentary garden.

In the photo, which was taken in March last year, they could be seen drinking wine and eating cheese after strict rules on public socialising had been issued.

The Prime Minister has defended the Number 10 garden party during lockdown as “people at work, talking about work”.

Ricky said: “Do you know what the worst thing is? Apart from the pandemic and the devastation and the deaths and the strain on the health service and people losing their livelihoods.

“The worst thing is the f***ing c**** in charge do what they want.”

He continued: “I see all these people saying all the parties they were having and people saying that was the day I couldn’t see my mum in hospital, or I couldn’t go to my dad’s funeral because the posh, privileged people in charge were acting like f***ing Charlie Sheen.

“I mean really f***ing rubbing salt in the wound. I don’t get political but they’re all s***.”

The star went on: “When are we going to stop taking ‘went to Eton’ as a qualification to run the country? I mean f***ing hell.

“So that’s why I’m doing this as well because I’ve noticed all around there’s a lot of annoyance and frustration, totally justified as well.”

Mr Johnson has since addressed the gathering with his staff and said it took place after work had finished.


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Asked if he normally has meetings with cheese and wine, Mr Johnson said: “Those were people at work.

“This is where I live and where I work. Those were people at work, talking about work.”

The on-screen star later shared that the pandemic will have long-lasting effects on the mental health of young people.

“Misinformation, anger but I think the next pandemic is going to be anxiety and depression,” he explained.

“God knows how it affects teenagers who’ve had some of the best years of their lives taken away from them.”

He continued: “College – I didn’t go to college to study. Three years living at home doing things on Zoom, that’s not my idea of a college experience.

“I can’t complain, I’m definitely in a privileged position, but I have noticed that it’s getting a lot of people down.”

Meanwhile, Ricky is set to release the next series of his global Netflix hit After Life on January 14.

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