Amanda Holden steps out after admitting she broke Dry January for second year running

Amanda Holden was spotted smiling after hosting her Heart Radio show, where she discussed her failed sobriety attempt.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, 50, left the studios looking smart in a white mac, with a contrasting polka dot shirt and black trousers. The star discussed how she succumbed to the booze over the weekend, after trying to avoid having a drink for the whole month.

The Heart Radio presenter was chatting to fellow hosts Jamie Theakston and Pussycat Dolls bombshell Ashley Roberts as she made the confession.

Catching up on their progress to go through January without a drop, Amanda explained: "Well I have to confess, that I fell off the wagon."

The host of the breakfast show admitted she broke her Dry January pledge during the sweet tradition she does to pay tribute to her grandmother.

She told Jamie and Ashley: "As I always do when I make a Sunday roast, I have a small Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry and I always toast my nan. My nan liked a Sherry, so I was saying 'cheers Nanny' and so yeah, and I had pizza on Friday and I made a roast dinner yesterday and I went out on Saturday."

When being quizzed further on her drinking consumptions by co-host and TV veteran Jamie, she revealed, "'I had two. You know how I take my Sherry, this is an interesting one."

The 50 year old added: "My nan used to have it in a little schooner, that’s how she used to do it, and I used to do that but I’ve since taken to having it on ice with a slice of orange."

Cheeky co-host Jamie, 51, replied: "In a pint glass?"

In 2021 Amanda made it to 19 days without having an alcoholic beverage, but this year Amanda made it to 10 days before breaking her pledge.

However, Amanda was not the only presenter to fall short of the 31 day sober challenge.

Her Pussycat Dolls colleague, Ashley Roberts, 40, also had a confession as she discussed her weekend. She said: "It was good, I fell off the wagon as well."

Jamie then asked the pair: "You two didn’t do that together did you by any chance?"

The pop star responded: "No but I did send her a picture of my gin, I’m just saying."

Amanda revealed the pair may have caused each other to fail in their annual challenge.

The Heart presenter explained: "We might have done, we made each other feel better for falling off the wagon. Anyway I keep saying we’ve been denied so much, why are we doing this to ourselves!"

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