Amy Walsh and Toby-Alexander Smith reveal where they met as they discuss relationship for first time

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Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh and EastEnders baddie Toby-Alexander Smith are a match made in heaven and for the first time, the pair have sat down for a joint interview as they have some very exciting news to share – Amy is pregnant!

In their tell-all chat with OK!, the couple also reveal all on their relationship, revealing where they met and how they plan to adapt to life as parents.

The soap actors first crossed paths in November 2019, as they both sat in the front row of the audience at Strictly Come Dancing.

Toby was there supporting his co-star Emma Barton, Amy was cheering on her former castmate and eventual winner Kelvin Fletcher, with her singer sister Kimberley Walsh.

“The twists of fate that came into play to make us meet are crazy," Amy says. “Jamie Laing was supposed to be in it that year but he broke his ankle so Kelvin Fletcher replaced him, and Toby wasn’t even supposed to be in the audience that week.”

Fate bought them together and even more cute, the couple didn't even know they were both on soaps when they met.

Amy says: “It only came out when we spoke to each other and we put two and two together and were like, 'So you do that and I do that.' We didn’t even say the words Emmerdale or EastEnders.

"After the show someone sent me a screenshot of us in the audience and I sent it to my best friend and joked, 'Me and my future husband,' just thinking it was going to be a date. But after our first date I was like, 'This is it!'."

And it has been a rollercoaster ride for the couple ever since. Four months after meeting, the country went into lockdown, and Toby and Amy kept their relationship going long distance, which made for a difficult start.

Toby reveals: “We were so happy, but we were thinking, 'How will we ever know what it’s like to live together when Amy is up north and I’m down south?'.

"Then lockdown happened so we had to make the decision quite early on to move in together. It was a no-brainer! I moved into Amy’s and those three months we had together 24/7 were the best three months of my life."

Amy adds: “And mine! We got to spend every day together rather than just the weekends. It’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time. We didn’t post anything that entire time. It was the best thing we could have done to take the pressure off and see what we had."

Toby is equally smitten and says: “We felt so happy and content. It made me realise if the world stopped again it didn’t matter – having Amy there was enough.”

And it's safe to say that their leap of faith has paid off as they tell OK! that they are now about to become parents, with their baby due at Christmas time! Congrats guys.

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