Britney Spears Dishes About Her Favorite Miley Cyrus Song, Potato Chips, and More

Britney Spears has been making plenty of headlines recently, both for her controversial conservatorship and her recent reaction to her situation. Spears still has legions of fans worldwide, and she engaged with those fans with a Q&A via Instagram. 

For many fans, this was a long time coming, and they were more than happy to hear from her. There was some frustration, however, when Spears instead answered lighthearted questions as opposed to more pressing ones regarding her safety. 

Read on to find out more about this Q&A, the questions she answered, and what fans said in response to those answers. 

Britney Spears’ conservatorship has been a hot topic of conversation in recent months

According to the BBC, Spears was placed in conservatorship in 2008 after she experienced a very public mental health breakdown. This placed her under the care of her father, Jamie Spears, as her legal guardian. 

A 2021 Hulu documentary titled Framing Britney Spears called the conservatorship into question. This led to many media outlets and fans of the singer boosting the #FreeBritney movement on social media – a movement that began in 2009 but gained much of its steam around the release of the documentary. 

On June 23, Spears addressed a court herself, asking a judge to put an end to a conservatorship she deemed “abusive.” “This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good,” Spears said, adding, “I deserve to have a life.” Her father later stepped down from the conservatorship. 

Britney Spears answered questions – but not the questions most fans wanted answered

In recent months, Spears’ social media communication with her fans has been limited. She finally broke her public silence to interact with them, though the quality of the interaction left many wanting more. 

Spears posted a video to Instagram on August 5 to let her fans know she was doing better and to answer a few questions “apart from the drama.” Here were the questions she answered: 

  • Her favorite clothing store is J. Crew. 
  • Her favorite Miley Cyrus song? We Can’t Stop. 
  • One fan asked regarding her potato chip preference, specifically whether she preferred baked Lays or a “real deal” Lays. Spears said she’d go with a “real deal” Lays potato chip. 
  • Her favorite scented lotion is vanilla. She added that it smelled “fresh,” “summery,” and “girly,” noting, “I’ve always been a vanilla girl.”

There are likely more than a few Spears superfans who found the information above fascinating, but many were interested in hearing about her reaction to the controversy surrounding her conservatorship. They sounded off in the post’s comments to let Spears know they were still worried about her. 

Fans were happy to hear from Spears but wanted more answers

While Spears’ fans were delighted just to hear from her, they also wanted more information on her wellbeing. Some commenters were frustrated by Spears’ inability (or unwillingness) to address these issues. They expressed this frustration in no uncertain terms. 

Some sample Instagram comments from the Q&A included the following: 

  •  “Girl ain’t nobody asking about lays potato chips – what is project rose?!”
  • “Queen of answering questions that we never asked.”
  • “GIRL?? We don’t want to know about your favorite clothing store!?!? We want to know if you’re okay.”

Establishing a dialogue between her fans and herself is one way Spears can communicate that she might be wrestling control of her life back. Only time will tell, but at the very least, it’s a start for concerned fans of hers. 

The bottom line? Spears has been through a lot, and she doesn’t owe anyone anything. It’s up to her to decide when she wants to communicate with her fans and what information she’d like to share. 

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