Casey Anthony: Producing a Tell-All Movie About Murder of Caylee

This is going to make O.J. Simpson’s infamous If I Did It book sound harmless.

Notorious accused murderer Casey Anthony not only has a boyfriend — she now has a movie project.

Casey is making a movie about the horrific death of her daughter. This is truly, deeply sickening.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Casey Anthony explained why the film will be called As I Was Told.

“Yes I drank and carried on like nothing happened” after Caylee’s murder, the villainess admitted to the British tabloid.

“The movie is called As I Was Told because I’d done what I was told to do,” she explained.

Casey claimed: “I had to put on a fake persona throughout those 31 days.”

Her version of events is that a man who found Caylee’s body in a trash bag told her to live her life like normal and that he’d “take care of it.”\

We know that Casey’s attorney claimed that George was the man who did this. Suffice it to say that the American public didn’t buy it.

“She’s very calculated,” an insider close to Casey Anthony tells People.

And this movie, it seems, fits into her design.

The source explains: “She wants to tell her side of the story.”

“That’s her big plan,” the insider reports. “To finally, 11 years later, tell what happened.”

“And,” the source says. “She’s going to tell everything.”

“She’s going to have total editorial control,” an insider warns of the film.

“And,” she source reveals. “She’s going to push the envelope.”

“She wants everyone to talk about this movie,” the insider days.

40 million people tuned in to coverage of Casey’s murder trial, and 40 million people were outraged at her inexcusable acquittal.

“And then,” the source predicts. “She’ll never speak publicly about her life — or Caylee’s death — ever again.”

Casey also told The Daily Mail that the film would include scenes that audiences may find racy.

Viewers may see her go out with several men, because she was a young, single mom at the time.

For some unimaginable reason, Casey plans to walk viewers through how she got pregnant.

People‘s inside source says that this provocative material is all part of her plan to make sure that people tune in.

“She knows what will get people to watch,” an insider explains.

“She has to tell her side,” the source insists. “But she knows what audiences want to see, which is sex.”

“She’s not ashamed to talk about sex, or own up to what she has done in the past,” the insider says.

Presumably, this person isn’t saying that Casey will confess to murdering her daughter. Most expect her to insinuate that her dad did it.

“So is the movie going to be racy and explicit? Yes,” the source confirms. “But it won’t be gratuitous.”

“It’s part of her story,” the insider notes. “She’s used to controversy.”

The film is said to be low budget and is expected to be filmed in North Carolina.

Incidentally, on Thursday I was looking up NC tax incentives for filming after the horrifying news that Swamp Thing was canceled over botched paperwork.

In NC, movies — even TV movies — can receive as much as $7 million in tax credits if they meet the qualifications.

Even if Casey’s project qualifies, she’s more likely to only get about a 25% rebate at the most.

If you want to watch a film about a murdered child as told by the woman who didn’t report her missing for 31 days, we guess you’re in luck.


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