Celine Dion cut her hair into a cute summer bob

If it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we can count on three things: 1. Celine Dion is going to go to Paris; she’s going to be rocking a new hair style; and she is going to wear an eclectic mix of fashion. A couple of weeks ago, Kaiser wrote the first installment of this year’s Celine Goes to Paris in the Summer, “Where is Pepe?”

Continuing a summer trend from last year, Celine lightened her hair; she also cut it into this really cute shoulder-length bob! I always want to grow my hair out, but every summer I chop it off because the heat and humidity make it unbearable, so am Team Celine here. I love the light blonde color and the cut on her; both say “easy-to-manage, fun, summery ’do.” I think sometimes people end up going too blonde when they lighten their hair, but this shade looks great on Celine. It looks even better in some of the other photos.

In one of the photos of Celine in this outfit, you can’t see the entire shirt, only the “I HEART Paris.” I think the photographer took it that way on purpose. The “Hilton” kind of kills it for me. GFY says that the shirt is Vetements. I think the skirt and shoes are cute, but the blazer-poncho is distracting me because I’m confused by it. At first, looking at one of Getty’s images, I thought that she was wearing a regular blazer and had her left arm in the [too-long] sleeve, but not her right arm (for some reason). Then I realized that the way the blazer was draped over her right arm made that impossible. GFY mentions that it’s a poncho, but I still don’t like it because blazers or ponchos should never look confusing.

One thing that makes this photo fun is that she’s wearing a recreation of the Heart of the Ocean necklace that Rose wore in Titanic, also made by Vetements. (I love that the Yahoo! article frames this as the “I love Paris Hilton” shirt “accessoriz[ing]” the necklace, not the other way around.)

Celine seems to be into feathers at the moment; she wore this long-sleeved feathery white Valentino dress with abstract multicolor accents last week to the Valentino show in Paris. I actually think this is cute; the feathers make it seem light and summery, but I question the long sleeves and turtleneck; isn’t Paris in the middle of a heatwave, too? I also love her gold clutch and silver heels.

There are also photos of Celine performing on July 5 in London in this puffed-sleeve sparkly blue jumpsuit. I doubt that too many people could pull off this color without looking ridiculous; Celine just looks like she’s having a ton of fun. My first thought when I saw it was that she looked like she was wearing an outfit that had been made to match the shade of blue, sparkly Crest toothpaste. Or the Titanic necklace.

People should wear what they love and what makes them comfortable; I love that Celine seems to always enjoy whatever she’s wearing. She’s often photographed smiling and looking relaxed when she’s dressed up, rather than standing stiff as a poker or adjusting her outfits. I always love seeing pictures of Celine in Paris in particular, because she appears to be having a great time and living her best life.

Photos credit: WENN and Avalon.red

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