Claudia Conway Gets Through First Hollywood Week On American Idol – Watch Her Pop Performance HERE!

It was something of a surprise to watch, but Claudia Conway is moving forward to the next step in American Idol!

The teenage singer impressed the judges enough during the first round of Hollywood Week on the hit reality music competition show, which aired on Sunday. With the judges’ collective approval at her back, Kellyanne Conway’s daughter surges ahead, guaranteed at least one more week in her journey for stardom.

On last night’s new episode of Idol, the competitors all chose from one of six genres to perform a song. They then went head-to-head with other performers in that genre, singing in front of the judges in a bid to move to the second round of Hollywood Week, which will air next Sunday.

Somewhat expectedly for a 16-year-old singer who looks up to the likes of Idol judge Katy Perry, Conway picked the pop genre to showcase her vocal talents. And when it came time to sing, she delivered on the song River, by Bishop Briggs. But not before she showed off a MAJOR transformation in her on-stage look!

Conway’s first shocker came right when she stepped up to the mic; Perry herself commented on the big change, which had the hopeful crooner sporting new dark brown locks. Bye bye, blonde ‘do! The hair color adjustment must have worked its magic, though! And yes, mom Kellyanne was in the audience cheering her on the whole time, too! Cute… aaaand also kind of awkward, TBH! But at least the show of support is there?

Interestingly, in a segment bracketing her performance, the daughter of two infamous political operatives admitted her transformation from audition week to now had been much more involved than just a hair color change.

The teenage performer explained (below):

“My audition wasn’t my best. I was really, really nervous. I had these doubts in my head telling me ‘you’re not ready, you’re not good enough.’ In my life, I’m so focused on all the noise and people hating on me and my family online and on social media. Katy Perry told me, ‘You have to calm the storm that is around you.’ She believed in me. I could not be more grateful for that. Now, I’m just drowning out the noise and telling myself I can do it. … I’ve been trying to establish my own identity for a while. Most people don’t know I’m a singer and it’s very, very important to me.”

And do it, she did!

Even though the poor girl admitted she was “literally freaking out” prior to singing on stage — in the biggest venue at which she’s ever performed, she said — Claudia still did her thing, calmed her nerves well enough, and walked out of there a winner!

Ch-ch-check out the 16-year-old’s Sunday night performance in this clip (below):

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Well then! BTW, is that Kellyanne showing some real, honest emotion for her daughter’s success at the end there? What a sight!

As for Claudia, did U like her performance??

Honestly, her voice is OK — she can sing, and was probably good enough to make the cut past initial auditions. But to keep moving forward from here? In a national singing competition show? Meh. Save it. She hasn’t ever really blown us away. Ya know??

Anyway, next Sunday’s episode chronicling the second round of Hollywood Week should be particularly interesting for Conway and everybody else — because it’s duet time! And it only gets tougher from there…

What did y’all think about Claudia’s performance on Sunday night’s show, y’all?? Plus, how far do you think she’ll make it before getting eliminated?

Sound OFF with your take on everything Idol-related down in the comments (below)…

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