David Blaine Makes 'Up' Movie a Reality by Soaring With 52 Balloons

Adventure is out there, especially if you’re David Blaine! The 47-year-old magician and endurance performer once again defied the odds in an epic live stunt on Wednesday. Blaine titled his YouTube project, Ascension, and it featured him flying through the air with the help of 52 helium-filled balloons over the desert in Arizona. The colorful balloons reminded many of the Disney/Pixar movie Up, and were created in many colors for Blaine’s 9-year-old daughter, Dessa. 

Blaine was originally supposed to undertake the flight over New York City earlier this week but had to reschedule and relocate due to weather conditions. 

He prepared for the flight with the help of some stars, including Jaden Smith and TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. 

The final flight took place live on YouTube and Blaine successfully made it all the way up to more than 24,000 feet in the air. He parachuted down and landed safely as fans online cheered him on. 

Of course, there were lots of funny reactions to the stunt on Twitter. Check out some of our favorites: 

The safest way to travel during a pandemic. #covid#DavidBlaineAscensionhttps://t.co/kLHDEzdz1r

animals chilling in the Arizona desert when they spot David Blaine flying with those balloons #DavidBlaineAscension#Ascensionpic.twitter.com/ztYjRXNT4t

Everyone literally everyone when David Blaine landed:


Me saying goodbye to all the bad vibes of 2020!#DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/sPK400ZRGB

Gonna tell my kids this was Uncut Gems pic.twitter.com/VKBGVVTTit

A re-enactment of me watching @davidblaine float into the sky this morning #DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/3m5q64wjAB

Carl did it first. #DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/H7QSWXEpRD

Watching them just like carry a floating #davidblaine across this runway is such a funny visual #DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/bXWzgA0aWB

We could be about to watch a much more depressing version of UP and that’s why I’m tuned in 🤦‍♂️😂 @davidblaine#up#UPMovie#DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/uVaZ4DccUH

Taking social distancing a bit far @davidblaine#DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/cTu4umo2D7

David Blaine before he jumps #DavidBlaineAscensionpic.twitter.com/wi2F9njYHm

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