Debbie Johnson GHOSTED on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life!

Debbie Johnson has taken center stage on this season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Part of that was Debbie’s dramatic makeover. She revamped her whole look at 70 years old.

Unfortunately, no amount of good looks can guarantee perfect luck in dating.

In this sneak peek of Friday’s The Single Life, Debbie is heartbroken as her date stands her up without a word.

Debbie Johnson’s new look includes more than some hair dye and a tantalizingly placed butterfly tattoo.

For her date, Debbie is dressed up in a lacy black top and a flattering pair of shorts.

She is excited for her second date with Jay, whom she first saw the week before.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra compliment "MILF" Debbie

Though Jay wasn’t exactly the most enthusiastic date last time, Debbie is feeling a little nervous.

She has already noticed that there is not much communication between the two of them.

In fact, despite their second date being imminent, he has yet to text her.

Meanwhile, her son Colt Johnson and his wife Vanessa are busy gassing Debbie up.

Vanessa gleefully calls Debbie a MILF, complimenting her looks.

Colt doesn’t quite go that far, calling his mom a “handsome woman” in the most awkward way imaginable.

Unfortunately, Debbie’s date does not go as planned.

In fact, it never gets underway. She is left waiting at home.

Thirty minutes in, she knows that there must be something more than a flat tire at play because she has not seen or heard from him.

Debbie attempts to call Jay.

His phone rings only once before it goes straight to his voicemail.

It’s obvious that he is simply declining to answer — and she is understandably irate.

Debbie ends up leaving a voicemail to vent her fury.

“Where the f–k are you?” she demands.

“We’re having a date,” Debbie reminds him, “thank you very much.”

Vanessa and Colt both acknowledge the obvious: he clearly saw that Debbie was calling and declined the call.

Between that, standing her up, and the lack of communication, one thing is very clear:

Debbie has been ghosted.

“I never realized what the expression ghosting was until now,” Debbie admits to the camera.

“I don’t know if this is how people treat each other now,” she adds, “dating in today’s life.”

Debbie continues: “But not to call or text, I don’t deserve it, it’s not right.”

“It makes me feel like I’m not worth the effort to [spend] five seconds typing something,” Debbie laments.

It is more than understandable that she feels this way.

No one likes being stood up, but things are worse for Debbie because she is dealing with dating at 70 — her first attempt in decades.

Debbie was not just stood up or ghosted — she was both.

No longer replying someone, silently disappearing from their life without communication or closure, is ghosting.

But when you have a date scheduled and you don’t show, you’re standing someone up.

Debbie is clearly devasted and angry, but those feelings do not have to last forever.

She can either let Jay’s emotionally immature style of rejection cause her to give up, or she can make sure that he’s not her last attempt at romance.

Besides, it’s theoretically possible that he could have a very good reason for this — and can make it up to her later. If she gives him that chance.

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