Duchess Kate will probably spend her 39th b-day in lockdown with her kids

Did you know that the Duchess of Cambridge’s 39th birthday is coming up on Saturday? Kate is about six months older than Prince William, who will turn 39 in June. Their last year in their 30s. I won’t make fun of them if they have issues with that – your late 30s are a bitch, and when you’re staring down the barrel of your 40th birthday, most people have some angst and tears. No one knows how Kate will celebrate her birthday and that’s not specific to this year. She usually keeps her birthday plans pretty quiet, and I’m not even sure she gets a big party or anything. This year, Kate and the kids will likely be in lockdown in Norfolk, at Anmer Hall. That’s where they spent the holidays, and there’s no reason for them to go back to London, especially considering that George and Charlotte’s school has been closed again in the national lockdown:

Prince George and Princess Charlotte won’t be heading back to class just yet. Over the weekend, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that primary schools in the city will remain closed after the holiday break due to the number of coronavirus cases in the capital. That includes Thomas’s Battersea, the $23,000-per-year private school that George, 7, has attended since 2017 and where Charlotte, 5, started in 2019.

The closure also means that it’s highly unlikely that 2-year-old Prince Louis will start nursery school this week. Prince George and Princess Charlotte both started nursery school when they were 2 in the month of January. Prince William and Kate Middleton have not announced any news regarding their youngest child beginning school.

[From People]

Yeah, there was some thought that Louis would start nursery school in Norfolk, not London, but people think Kate will probably just keep all three kids home for the time being. Something I’ve been thinking about is whether we’ll find out when the Cambridge family got their coronavirus vaccines. I’m expecting the Palace to confirm when the Queen has been vaccinated – although who knows with that petty, tone-deaf B – but will Kensington Palace confirm when William and Kate get the vaccine? Hm.

Oh, one thing I am expecting for Kate’s birthday is a new portrait. I wonder what kind of Woman of the Woods country-girl cosplay we’ll get this year. Kate lounging on a tree stump? Kate chewing on some hay? Kate getting muddy in a barn? We’ll see!

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