Ex-Gogglebox star Paige labels her mum a disgrace after huge fallout and show exit

Paige Deville has called her mum “a disgrace” and vowed never to speak to her again after their public fallout and exit from Gogglebox.

Though she claims their row was nothing to do with Gogglebox, Paige lashed out at Sally on Twitter.

She wrote: “To clarify, people thinking I fell out with my mom over gogglebox, my ‘mom’ is an absolute disgrace who I wish to never speak to again due to a serious family issue NOT about a TV show.”

Paige quit the reality show last month, citing her reasons as "long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions and zero aftercare support".

Revealing the decision to leave the show on social media, she wrote: "I have made the decision to walk away from Gogglebox.

"It’s been an experience but one I cannot continue with due to long hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and opinions & zero aftercare support but hey who cares about ex cast, [they’re] NTA winners.”

Paige and her mum Sally shot to fame in 2019 when they joined the 14th series of the show, lasting four seasons before stepping away.

As well as slating her mum, the TV star also addressed recent comments made by Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, who has appeared on Gogglebox.

Shaun recently branded her a “snowflake” after her decision to walk away from the Channel 4 show and questioned why she needed support.

He scathed: "What the f**k do you need support for on f****g Gogglebox for f**ks sake. Is she a bit of a snowflake or whatever they are called or woke?

"You f****g turn on the telly and watch f****g five minutes of something and have a laugh. It’s f****g not dramatic is it?"

But Paige has now hit back: “In regards to Shaun, that’s exactly what I meant by support to deal with trolls like you.”

She added: "I couldn't believe it when I read his comments. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

"I am a huge Shaun Ryder fan and think him and Bez are hilarious. I have sent messages before on Twitter to them saying what a huge fan I am.

“But comments like the ones he has made implying I am woke or a snowflake are not helpful. You need the aftercare to deal with trolls like him.

“It's okay for him as he is a big celebrity and has years of experience dealing with fame. But I am just a normal person with no experience of fame until Gogglebox came along.

"I have people contacting me telling me on social media telling me to kill myself. I feel you need support when you get abuse from trolls. You need help and advice in dealing with it.”

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