Fans Think Kim Kardashian Is Blatantly Trying to Make Pete Davidson Jealous on Instagram

QQ: what do you do when your ex starts dating another person? Actually, rhetorical because the answer is obvious: you post a cute photo and make it seem like you, too, are moving on. Which is what everyone in Kim Kardashian’s Instagram comments thinks she’s doing thanks to a series of photos ft. her smiling with the world’s largest bouquet of flowers. I mean…TBD on who sent them, but judging from Kim’s expression, someone special!

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Yeah, so after you get past all Kim’s fellow celebs hyping her up, the comments on this post all have one thing in common: Everyone thinks Kim’s trying to make Pete Davidson—who’s newly dating Ratajkowski—jealous. A sampling of comments, ahem:

I mean, maybe Kim just got some nice flowers and wanted to post them! Or not! Either way, quick state of the union on Pete and EmRata:

Their relationship broke last week from a DeuxMoi tipster who saw Pete “allll over” Emily, then a source told Us Weekly that they’d “been talking for a couple months now,” and THEN they were photographed celebrating Pete’s birthday in Brooklyn. So yeah, all signs point to dating.

Meanwhile, Kim and Pete broke up back in August—though there were recently some rumors that they were secretly hooking up again, which you can entertain yourself with right this way:

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