Former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Jim Marchese Reportedly Won’t Pay for Son’s College Because He’s Gay

Jim Marchese is reportedly refusing to pay for his son’s college tuition because he’s gay.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey and Marriage Boot Camp star, who was married to Amber Marchese, is accused of not paying for his son James‘ tuition after finding out his son is gay.

James has dreams of attending Fairfield University in Connecticut this fall. All was going to plan until his father found out he was gay and pulled all of his college funding. Now James has had to resort to creating a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough funds for tuition outside of the scholarships he’s earned in order to attend his freshman year,” Instinct reported on Tuesday (June 25).

“I hope to take what has happened with my father and turn it into something positive…I want to be able to help other teenagers and students to feel safer being who they are so that they don’t have to feel like the whole world is against them,” James writes on his GoFundMe.

“This has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with money. He wants to go to a no name college in Connecticut that costs $275,000 when he doesn’t even have a career path that he’s focused on versus going to a state school that would cost $40,000. Who pays that much for Fairfield college? If he had gotten into Yale, Harvard, MIT, U Penn, Wharton Business School- any of the top 20 schools- we would have a conversation. The idea that he wants to spend $275,000 without regard to the fact that he’s got four other siblings who also need financial help is absurd and selfish,” Jim hit back in a statement to Champion Daily.

“His complete go fund me page is a fraud. I just paid for him to complete Christian brothers Academy, an elite private school, and for him to complete pre high school at an elite private school at a total expense of $200,000+. His mother did not pay any of it. He’s clearly trying to use Amber’s celebrity stature to literally sucker people into paying so this spoiled rich kid can attend an egregiously overpriced no name school.”

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