Game of Thrones’ Costume Designer Speaks About Kit Harington’s Decision to Go to Rehab

The Game of Thrones costume designer, Michele Clapton, is speaking about Kit Harington‘s decision to check into rehab.

“They were children when they started. And it became such an enormous thing, and I think when you stop, it’s sort of a huge security blanket is taken away. I mean, they all became friends with each other, and then suddenly, there’s nothing to go back to,” Michele told Us Weekly. “So I would imagine that had something to do with it. He lost his way a bit.”

She continued, “He was really a sensitive soul, and he was very upset in that final read through because I think it felt like home for [the cast], and they realized, ‘This is it.’”

Michele added, “As much as he’s talented and will go on to many other things, I think it’s just after eight or nine years, it’s a big adjustment. I’m sure he’ll be OK, though.”

It was recently reported that Kit Harington quit drinking back in April.

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