Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty on Rape Charge in Los Angeles

After several weeks, a verdict has been reached in Harvey Weinstein‘s 2nd sexual assault case — the disgraced movie mogul was found guilty on 3 of 7 charges.

The verdict was just read in Los Angeles, a jury found Weinstein guilty of all charges related to Jane Doe 1 — forcible rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by a foreign object. The jury was hung on the counts related to Jane Doe 2 and 4, which were sexual battery by restraint, forcible oral copulation and forcible rape.

He was found not guilty of a sexual battery by restraint charge from Jane Doe 3.

Weinstein’s rep, Juda Engelmayer, tells TMZ, “Harvey is obviously disappointed in the verdict … however, the accounts of Jane Doe 1 have a high likelihood of an appeal with positive results — her logistics of the time and location of the incidents do not make sense. Harvey is grateful for the jury’s work on the other counts and he’s going to continue his legal fight.”

As you know, the disgraced film producer was originally facing 11 charges, including rape and sexual assault in California involving 5 women … but 4 of the charges connected to one of the unknown accusers were dropped as the trial was underway.

He entered a not-guilty plea in 2021 while appearing in court — something he was expected to do based on how he’d pled in the past.

This verdict comes after weeks of testimony from several witnesses over the years … including CA Governor Gavin Newson‘s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. As we reported, she shockingly was asked in court to recreate how she faked an orgasm with Weinstein.

Jennifer Newsom in court

She fired back when asked, saying “This is not ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ I’m not doing that.” She then broke into tears, saying, “I was making noises to get him to finish. He had already raped me. This is so gross.”

Don’t forget, Weinstein is already serving a 23-year sentence for a rape conviction in New York.

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