Has Chris Evans Ever Been "Cast as a D*ckhead"?

Aside from casually attending his high school reunion, Chris Evans has been lying low since ending his run as Captain America. But on Thursday, he gave us a real blast from the past in the form of his first headshot, which is. . . certainly something!

The black and white snap features the handsome young actor sporting a hoop earring and the type of smirk that screams “f*ckboy” — let’s be real, he looks like the hot jerk that we all had a crush on, whether we wanted to admit it or not. Chris seems to agree, as he captioned the throwback photo, “Apparently I was hoping to be cast as a d*ckhead.” That got me thinking: has Chris Evans been cast as a d*ckhead? A cursory search through his filmography suggests that he’s mainly portrayed as the hottie hero with a heart of gold, but who knows — now that he’s left the MCU, there’s always time for him to play the d*ckhead of our dreams, right?

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