Irina Shayk still believes in marriage after Bradley Cooper split

Irina Shayk is still a romantic despite her split from boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

“Everyone looks at [marriage] differently,” she told’s summer digital issue. “Do I believe in marriage? Yes, of course. I’m not the kind of person who is against it.”

Though Shayk wouldn’t comment on her recent split from Cooper in her cover story, she did briefly talk about life as a mom to their daughter Lea de Seine, who is named after her grandmother. Speaking about motherhood, the 33-year-old supermodel insisted she won’t ever conform to the stereotypical mom “uniform.”

“You have to be really truly yourself for your kids, otherwise you’re living in a lie,” she said. “Tell me one reason why, just because you’re a mother, you need to wear a longer skirt. No! I don’t believe in that. I really don’t.”

She also said balancing motherhood with her successful modeling career came easily to her.

“There is no real challenge,” she said of becoming a mom. “I really believe if you love something, you can prioritize your time. [Motherhood] is just an addition to your life.”

She further explained that notion by saying of her home country, Russia, “Women are the ones who can handle everything. Women can raise the kids, women can do the job, and when she’s back, she can cook and clean and do the heavy work too!”

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