Is Duchess Kate in the middle of one of her best hair eras?

There are a lot of recent articles about the Duchess of Cambridge’s styling. And very few articles about what she’s actually been up to, or her plans to be keen in the future. Kate is all style and no substance, I think that’s been well-established, but the vibe these days is that the only thing worth talking about is her styling. And to be fair, she has made recent improvements. Since her two month “summer holiday,” Kate has come back to work looking refreshed and nice. She’s not covered in buttons and lace. She’s not wandering around in new bespoke coatdresses. And most importantly, she’s changed up her hair. She let her hair grow over the summer, and she’s now eschewing the wiglets, extensions and hairpieces she used to need to make her hair look fuller and full of sausage curls (a notable exception: that rat’s nest tragedy of budget hairpieces at the No Time to Keen premiere). All of which means… we’re getting another Daily Mail article about her hair.

Kate Middleton’s brunette locks have long been her crowning glory, and her bouncy ‘Chelsea blow dry’ is as intrinsic to her look as the Queen’s famous Launer handbags. However, the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new twist to her hairstyle this week when she visited Kew Gardens for an Earthshot Prize event with Prince William. The royal’s hair cascaded around her shoulder in looser tonged waves, with the emphasis on sleek and natural rather than voluminous and bouncy.

Following her appearance, celebrity stylist Tom Smith told FEMAIL Kate had opted for a ‘newer, fresher look’ which had ‘modernised her public image while getting ready for her future role within The Firm.’

Tom explained: ‘It’s important as a senior Royal to minimise how much she divides opinion and so Kate is not likely to ever embrace strong trends in hair, beauty or fashion. The bouncy blow dry she is known for is a modern classic, a style that has become timeless, traditional and classic. It shows off the bouncy healthy vibrant nature of the hair and gives the feel of luxury and health. Kate’s newer style to me is a more modern interpretation of her usual waves. We see the ends of her hair are a little straighter and ‘piecier’ which is definitely more in line with what is commonly asked for in salons these days.’

He continued: ‘She naturally has a fantastic head of hair and so this look still has the luxurious and healthy feel to it. But it’s clear she is more open than ever to embracing a more modern looking wave. It has a confidence about it and shows her in a more fashionable light.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I often think to myself that other than Kate, the only woman who is more defined by her hair is Jennifer Aniston. And that’s sort of what Kate’s hair reminds me of these days, the soft waves, a bit more piecey and beachy. Dare I say, a bit more California? LOL. Anyway, because Kate is constantly infantilized, we do feel the need to do positive reinforcement whenever something goes right for her. So… her hair looks good, I do like her current style. I think it could be a few inches shorter, but overall… one of her better hair eras.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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