Jake Paul Scraps Tommy Fury Fight, Claims Boxer 'Went Into Hiding'

8:10 AM PT — Tommy Fury just released a statement on the fight … saying, “I’m gutted and disappointed in regards to the issues I have faced with entry into the USA.”

“This is something that myself or my team could have never anticipated happening. This situation has been left with my lawyers as being denied entry to a country is obviously a very serious issue and it needs to subsequently be resolved.”

Despite Paul’s claim, Fury says he’s confident the match will still happen once his status is resolved.

“I want to clarify that I will fight in a neutral country that both parties can enter. This can be any time, any place, any where.”

The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight has been shelved once again — the Problem Child says he’s officially moving on to a new opponent for his Aug. 6 event … accusing TNT of going into hiding.

“Fury’s received a termination notice,” Paul said on Wednesday. “(Most Valuable Promotions) did everything it could 2 help him & team. He wasn’t interested & he literally went into hiding.”

“2nd time in a row he has pulled out. 2nd time in a row ‘’m going to step up & take on a new opponent on short notice.”

As we previously reported, Fury was denied access to the U.S. for the fight press conference in New York City last week due to his family’s ties to alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

We’re told boxers, managers or anyone connected to Kinahan or his MTK Global boxing company has been rejected from entering the States as officials try to get any possible information on his whereabouts.

Jake, however, doesn’t believe the excuse … saying all Tommy had to do was go to the embassy to get a visa, but was dragging his feet to get it done.

Now, there are rumblings Paul will face off against 12-1 Hasim Rahman Jr. — the son of former boxing champ Hasim Rahman.

HRJ hasn’t fought any big names, and most recently lost to James McKenzie Morrison via knockout in April.

There’s history between Paul and Rahman Jr. — the two have sparred together several times in the past … with “Gold Blooded” praising the YouTube superstar for his improvement over the years.

Rahman Jr. may not have as much clout as Fury … but the matchup will certainly quiet the haters who have called out Paul for never facing a “legit” boxer.

Originally Published — 6:38 AM PT

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