Jeremy Clarkson jokes he may need to use horse MRI at the vets for next health check up

Jeremy Clarkson promotes his Hawkstone Lager

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Though the 61-year-old Grand Tour and Top Gear presenter has been issued with a clean bill of health for now, he joked if his weight continues to increase, he will need to rely on an MRI scanner intended for horses next time. Those who have observed Jeremy Clarkson’s many nonchalant comments about matters of health over the years might be surprised to learn of his fitness.

If you get really fat, you have to use a horse MRI at the vets

Jeremy Clarkson

However, the Top Gear legend revealed: “I passed my health check a couple of weeks ago.

“They put their head up my bum, had a look around, couldn’t see anything.

“I spent two hours in an MRI.”

Fortunately, he had something to keep him entertained, as he was played videos throughout.

“I watched the whole of Iron Man,” the presenter recalled.

“They give you headphones and project it on to these goggles – and while I did, they looked at every ­single bone and everything inside me. So that was good.”

However his perceived tendency not to be careful with health has sometimes landed him in trouble.

When he announced plans recently to produce, market and sell his own beer brand from his Oxfordshire farm, his agent promptly put his head in his hands.

The slogan he had initially proposed for Hawkstone Lager – “If you’re an alcoholic, don’t feed it, fight it” – was promptly shot down by regulators in case it appeared to advocate over-indulgence.

However Jeremy is clearly no stranger to over-indulging.

An alcohol-related health issue in 2017 on the holiday island on Majorica caused him to turn purple and start shaking uncontrollably.

Doctors had been so concerned for his well-being they admitted him to hospital straight away.

Plus he makes no attempt to disguise his continued penchant for imbibing, having confessed he and girlfriend Lisa drink themselves “silly” on his 1,000 acre farm.

Yet Jeremy has now revealed his fears his lifestyle might catch up with him yet and that next time he could be visiting not a hospital, but a vet.

“What I am really worried about is that if you get really fat, you have to use a horse MRI at the vets,” he revealed in The Sun.

In spite of this, the TV favourite seems to be thriving – and in fact he claims not to have taken a single day off since the age of 20.

“I haven’t had a day off in forever… I didn’t even take time off when I had Covid,” he revealed.

“I haven’t got time to be ill. Today for my lunch I had a quarter of a pork pie and I didn’t even sit down to eat it, I walked from one place to another.

“I haven’t even got time to sit down and eat.”

On the other hand, he claims the French, who are the focus of latest Grand Tour episode, The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois, “love taking time off”.

Mischievous Jeremy, who once received a driving ban in France for a speeding escapade during filming, will be using the show to pose the controversial question: “What is wrong with the French?”

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