Jessica Simpson Is Reflecting on the Scrutiny Over Her Weight: ‘Those Headlines Stay With You’

Jessica Simpson is reflecting on the barrage of headlines she received over her weight over the years.

The 40-year-old entertainer shared journal entries she wrote from over a decade ago.

“Today my heart breaks because people says I’m fat,” she wrote in 2009. “Why does the cruel opinion of this world get to me?” she continued in her diary. “Last week I read back to my journals from 1999 and I beat myself up about how fat I [was] before I even gave the world a chance to…”

Today, Jessica released a statement to People.

“There is a wonderful movement for body positivity now and the response to that portion of my story has been overwhelmingly supportive,” she said. “I don’t think people always realized that there was a human being, a beating heart and working eyes with actual feelings behind those headlines and that words can hurt and stay with you for a lifetime.”

If you don’t know, Jessica is releasing her bestselling memoir “Open Book,” in paperback form and has included additional diary entries about what she went through. One entry is about Nick Lachey and his current wife Vanessa…

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