Jessica Williams loves shopping at TJ Maxx: You have to hunt, be ready

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Jessica Williams stars on the second season of Love Life on HBO Max, with William Jackson Harper. I haven’t seen her work yet, but I plan to after watching her interview on Kimmel. She was so funny and she told stories which were relatable to me. She opened with how she heard the news that she got a call back interview with the The Daily Show ten years ago when she was just 22. Her mom told her to get a suit at TJ Maxx for that because they didn’t have Lands End money! Then she talked about how much she loves shopping at TJ Maxx. She said you have to go all the time so that you get the best stuff. It’s true! Here are some quotes from her interview and the video is below.

On what her mom said when she heard she got the Daily Show callback
‘We ain’t going to J.Crew, we going to TJ Maxx. You ain’t got no J.Crew money.’ My mom is a Maxxinista through and through.

On shopping at TJ Maxx
That’s the beautiful thing about TJ Maxx, any place like that Homegoods, Marshalls, you have go to in and hunt, you have to be ready. It’s not vintage shopping, but it is looking for stuff shopping. The hot tip is that’s where you go if you want to get some bomb candles. They’ll have a triple wick candle for like maybe $7.

I like butter pecan candles, I like pumpkin candles. I’m really happy that it’s fall. I go usually for candles. It’s always me and another lady looking at each other like ‘you trying to get that?’

On her parents’ relationship
They watch all my stuff and they’re excited that I’m on here tonight. They’re still really in love with each other and they’re still really good at flirting. Sometimes my mom will walk in the kitchen and my dad will be like ‘Back that up. Oh that must be jelly because jam don’t jiggle like that.’

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

That was so cute when she talked about her parents! I want a relationship like that. Jessica has J.Crew money now but I love that she’s still happy to get bargains at TJ Maxx. I’ve loved vintage and thrift shopping since I was a teenager and I’ve had a few moments competing with other women for items. Going to TJ Maxx or Marshalls is similar like she mentioned. Some people really get annoyed having to sift through stuff to find what they want, but that’s the thrill of shopping for me. TJ Maxx level is the most I like to spend too. Whenever I go into a well organized retail store I’m like “they want how much money for that? I’ll get it on eBay if I really want it.”

Here’s that interview:

This show looks good!

A post shared by Jessica Renee Williams (@msjwilly)

A post shared by Jessica Renee Williams (@msjwilly)

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