JoJo Siwa Says She's Planning a Holiday "Spectacular" Celebration With Avery Cyrus

After making their relationship TikTok official on Sept. 12, JoJo Siwa surprised Avery Cyrus (no relation to Miley) with a picnic on the beach for their one-month anniversary. “Celebrating our 1 month in the most special way,” Siwa captioned a sweet video of their date. “Happy 1 month to the happiest girl who makes me more happy than ever.”

Speaking with POPSUGAR, Siwa says the moment was a “huge milestone” in their relationship. And it’s leading up to even more firsts, including their first holiday season together as a couple.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Siwa says she and Cyrus will likely be spending the holiday separately with their families, but she has something special in mind for their celebration together. “We will definitely have a little Thanksgiving, a little Christmas special spectacular together,” she says.

Last year, Siwa hosted a Friendsgiving with her “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Jenna Johnson, and her vocal coach, Luke Eisner. This year, she hopes to replicate the festive dinner with Cyrus by her side.

“I feel like Jenna and Luke are going to be back over and we’re going to have a Friendsgiving again, and I feel like we’ll have Ezra [Sosa] and Avery [Cyrus] and my family, too,” she says. “Even though it’s Friendsgiving, you’ve got to have your family there.” Siwa is also looking forward to spending Christmas with her family; her mom plans to set up 17 Christmas trees.

Let’s hope I’m the last one she takes on a Disney date 😉

In their time officially dating, Siwa and Cyrus have gone on trips to Disneyland, filmed “fancy” date nights, and eaten delicious food together, all of which they have shared on TikTok. “She loves rainbow food, anything rainbow,” Siwa says of her girlfriend. “She makes rainbow spaghetti, rainbow pancakes, rainbow cookies. Anything rainbow, she likes to make [it]. And she’s the cooker. She likes to cook, and I like to eat. I like to enjoy it.”

Although Siwa is more of the taste tester when it comes to cooking, she does have some tricks up her sleeve around Thanksgiving: she loves throwing together turkey paninis with orange-cranberry relish in the days after the feast.

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