LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Rodriguez & More Mourn John Madden's Death

John Madden‘s death rocked the entire sports world … and athletes like LeBron James, Tom Brady and Alex Rodriguez all mourned the football icon’s passing Tuesday.

LeBron said on his social media page following the sad news, “Rest in Paradise To the [GOAT] John Madden!!!! Your legacy will continue to live on!!!!!”

Added Brady on Instagram, “John called our first Super Bowl. He was always so good to me. RIP to a legend of our game.”

A-Rod, meanwhile, said even though Madden was associated with the sport he did not play professionally, his passing still affected him greatly.

“An incredible coach, broadcaster and person,” Rodriguez said of Madden. “A true hero and role model. He will be deeply missed.”

Tons of other sports figures also wrote tribute messages to the former Oakland Raiders head coach — with Vin Scully, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Robert Kraft and Julian Edelman also expressing their sadness over the loss.

NFL star Richard Sherman had one of the more memorable tributes to Madden following the news of his death … calling it an honor to have been a cover athlete on his famous football game.

“Thank you for the years of joy and motivation!” Sherman said.

As we reported, Madden — the face of the “Madden” video game franchise and a legendary NFL head coach and broadcaster — passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. He was 85 years old.


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