Michael Sleggs Claims to Be at the End of His Battle With Terminal Cancer

Through a lengthy goodbye post on Facebook, the ‘This Country’ actor reveals that he has been sent home on palliative care, before dishing that he came close to overdose on morphine days earlier.

AceShowbiz -British comic actor Michael Sleggs has announced he is days away from death due to terminal cancer.

Sleggs, 33, who plays Michael ‘Slugs’ Slugette in the British Academy Television Award-winning comedy “This Country”, informed friends and fans of his plight on Facebook.

“Hi friends, as a lot of you are probably aware I’ve spent a lot of time in and out of hospital over the past few months,” he wrote in his post last week, end May 26. “This last time it was decided i was reaching the end of options so they’ve sent me home on palliative care to live out the remainder of my days at home.”

He went on to explain that, although “no specific time limit” had been given as to how long he has left to live, the deterioration in his health has been “rapid” and he almost slipped into a coma recently due to an accidental morphine overdose.

Sleggs has battled cancer and heart failure, and his personal life was mirrored by his sitcom character, who was also diagnosed with cancer on screen.

“This Country” was created by siblings Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper, who star as cousins Kerry and Lee ‘Kurtan’ Mucklowe, in the documentary show which is based on their real lives in rural west England.

As well as two BAFTAs, the show has also won a BAFTA Craft Award and three prizes at the U.K.’s Royal Television Awards.

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