My babies are already learning sign language, shares new mum Frankie Essex

Former TOWIE star Frankie Essex gave birth to her twins, whom she shares with boyfriend Luke Love, in May and has since revealed to the world that they’ve named their little bundles of joy Logan and Luella.

In her exclusive column for OK!, Frankie’s discussed a range of topics in regards to motherhood – from her first social outing with the twins and a blackout at her home when they were just a few days old, to returning to the gym and her birthday “hitting different” as a result of her late mum not being around.

This week, Frankie chats about how things have been since moving in with her beloved nan and how the twins are already learning sign language…

Housing renovation issues

I had a phone call saying that the windows we ordered for the new house, two of them are too big, so we’ve got to change them… but obviously we’ve already paid for them.

Then, the roofer who’s done our roof is a cowboy roofer and he’s done it all wrong. He’s done a really, really sh*t job. We’ve said we want some money back and he’s said he’ll pay, so he obviously knows he’s done it wrong.

So I’ve been dealing with that the past couple of days. It’s rubbish because I’ve got two babies to look after and I just want to get my house finished, and now I have to buy two new windows and get my roof fixed.

The twins are learning sign language

We went to baby sensory today and so that was nice for [the twins]. They loved it. We go to a hall with all the other mums and dads there and their babies – they’re from the age of a couple of months to toddlers as some of them are crawling.

It’s £8 a baby per term but if you have twins or siblings, they’re half price. The babies love it and they just learn – it’s a learning thing and she does a lot of sign language. The teacher said that babies learn to sign before they speak, so you know when a baby waves? That’s obviously 'hello' in sign language.

She does loads and loads of sign language which is amazing and she teaches them signs for food if they’re hungry. She advises you to keep it repetitive, which I’ve been trying.

I’ve had more time with the babies since moving in with my nan

I’ve been living with my nan for three days now and it’s been lovely. I’ve got to spend loads of time with the babies because my nan does my dinner, and she’s got a dishwasher so after dinner I’ll put it all in there then tidy up, whereas at home I’d be doing the dinner, then washing up and because I’m not doing that, I’ve got more time for the babies.

She loves having us here. My nan’s a bit deaf as well which is good because when they’re crying she can’t hear, then at night time I can get up and go do the bottles without waking her up.

Molly-Mae Hague was the same age as my mum when she had me

My mum was 23 when she had me and, the thing is this, what I think now I’ve had babies, I think when you're younger you've got a lot more energy, so that's definitely one pro to having kids young.

Molly-Mae obviously has done a lot in her life for a 23 year old, she’s smashed it. When I was 23, I’d just started TOWIE!

Obviously I had a lot going on in my mind at that age and I hadn’t met the person yet, but if you’ve met the one and you’re settled – which Molly definitely is. Good luck to her, it’s lovely. I’m really happy for her.

Mine and my best friend’s babies are going to grow up together

I went out with my best friend this week – who’s pregnant. She is due in November and she’s been my best friend for 20 years. I met her on my birthday when I was 15, so we celebrated our 20 year friendship anniversary and we also celebrated her being pregnant as well.

It’s lovely that she’s pregnant. She’s having a little girl so our little girls can grow up together!

It’s really weird because Alex’s birthday is on the day my mum passed away so when we met we spoke about it and now, every single year, instead of being sad and stuff on my mum’s anniversary I’d spend it with Alex because it’s her birthday so it was a happy thing.


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