NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Says Vaccine Shot and Free Beer Program's Working

Gov. Phil Murphy wants to see 4.7 million NJ residents vaccinated by the end of June, and he’s offering liquid encouragement to get it done — and, not shockingly, he says his plan’s working, so far.

Murphy joined “TMZ Live” Tuesday to tout “Operation Jersey Summer” … his campaign to help the state reach its vaccination goal. There’s a long list of initiatives but he says the one getting all the buzz, pun intended, is the shot and free beer program.

The Gov. says that with the Garden State having one of the strongest and fastest-growing craft beer industries, it only made sense to incentivize residents with a free beer at any of the nearly 50 participating breweries … IF they can prove they got vaccinated in May.

It’s that simple … and Murphy says so far the program’s a hit with the young crowd, which he hopes will keep the state’s rate of vaccination going in the right direction. He added that even though infection rates are dropping, and more people are getting out and about in warmer weather … he doesn’t want residents getting complacent.

That being said, Murphy does have one dispute with the shot and beer program. Watch the clip … he was joking, but there’s some potential for version 2.0 of “Operation Jersey Summer.” Just sayin, Gov!!!

Take us out, Lil Jon!!!

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