Piers Morgan stood up by Raquel Welch with ‘best excuse’ hours before Life Stories chat

Clive Myrie takes swipe at Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan, 56, has revisited the time Raquel Welch, 81, had the “best excuse for standing him up”. The former Good Morning Britain star did not hold back on the details after she invited him to her hotel room, ahead of her appearance on Life Stories.

Piers used his latest column for the Daily Mail to present his “All-Time Morgan Awards”.

Under the category of “best excuse for standing me up” he revealed the argument Raquel used to cancel their meeting.

He penned: “Raquel Welch invited me to meet her in her hotel suite the day before our Life Stories interview, then cancelled at the last minute.

“‘Sorry Piers,’ she explained when we finally met at the studio the next day, ‘I just remembered that I never take tea in the morning with any man I haven’t slept with.’”

The broadcaster has been outspoken throughout his life in the public eye – both on personal and public issues.

He recently caused controversy after calling for shorter isolation time for NHS staff suffering with Omicron.

Concerns had been raised that the NHS could become overwhelmed should any more staff fall ill with coronavirus.

NHS employees require a minimum of seven days to isolate if infected.

The previous requirement was 10 days, before being reduced last month.

In view of his 7.9 million Twitter followers, Piers penned: “Seven days of self-isolation by Omicron-infected NHS staff now seems to be doing more damage to NHS functionality than the now indisputably milder variant itself.

“It’s only five days here in the US and should be five days in the UK.”

But Piers comments caused a major debate among other Twitter users.

Some agreed that there should be a shorter isolation period for NHS staff, while others thought slashing the isolation period could be “too risky”.

Some suggested he was changing his tune considering how strict he had been in the past over Covid restrictions.

@HunterCPFC wrote: “Holy sh*t, you’ve changed your tune!”

“You’ve SO changed your tune…” @SteveMartin_TM tweeted.

@Thedouglout79 typed: “You wanted to lockdown the whole country other week ffs how’s the long covid btw?”(sic)

“Jesus, South Africa told you eight weeks ago that it’s milder, you kept saying how worried you were, make up your mind on what you want, you’re sounding like a glory hunter fan, changing your team every time a new title winner,” @srishi1978 added.

@LisaB06311290 said: “Double jabbed and was quite poorly for 10 days… And tired for weeks after…

“I think five days is pushing it…” they concluded.

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