Pregnant Hunter McGrady Contracted Covid-19 and Gave It to Husband

The Sports Illustrated model reveals she got sick with Covid-19 and gave the virus to her husband following an outdoor shoot when she was seven months pregnant.

AceShowbiz -Model Hunter McGrady contracted Covid-19 when she was seven months pregnant.

The Sports Illustrated star is expecting her first child with husband Brian Keys, and told sister Michaela on an episode of their podcast “Model Citizen” that she fell ill with the coronavirus back in April (21).

“When I was seven months pregnant, which no one knows, I had Covid,” she said. “I had to do a shoot. I was outside shooting, and the only time I had my mask off was when I was shooting.”

“It was only a four-person set and they were far away, and I caught Covid and I gave it to my husband.”

Hunter added that she began “freaking out” when she discovered she had the virus, but luckily didn’t get too unwell – describing the symptoms as much like a sinus infection.

In addition to Covid, Hunter has also been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which may mean she gets induced early.

She’s also been struggling to cope with the death of her 23-year-old brother Tynan, who died in a car crash in May.

“So it was Covid.. then I got diagnosed with preeclampsia, then I lost my little brother,” she sighed. “Needless to say, pregnancy has been a wild ride.”

“My chest is heavy and I feel like I’ll never breathe again, I don’t know how this pain repairs or if it ever feels like life can live again,” she wrote when announcing Tynan’s death.

“There is no telling why these things happen, why accidents happen, why life is taken too short,” she continued before adding, “I’m so grateful for beautiful the 23 years God gave us with him.”

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