Prince Harry will speak at a Wired summit about the internet lie machine

The dream for next week: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive in New York on Monday and they do a few days of events and activities, culminating in their appearance at the Intrepid Valor Awards on Wednesday, November 10th. Meghan is due to appear at the New York Times’ DealBook Summit, which will be online… although I suspect Meghan will be in NYC in person for the interview. And I’m starting to suspect that Prince Harry will also be interviewed in person for the Re: Wired Summit on November 9th. Harry has been confirmed as one of the panelists for a discussion about online misinformation.

— WIRED (@WIRED) November 3, 2021

Awesome, right? Wrong! According to the Daily Mail, Harry is probably getting $1 million to lie about online lies as he sits in one of 56 bathrooms in his $14 million Montecito mansion! Or something!

The Duke of Sussex is set to speak out on the ‘internet lie machine’ at an event organized by Wired magazine next week. Prince Harry, 37, who is currently living in his $14 million mansion in California having stepped back from royal duty last year, will speak in a session at the Re:Wired summit on November 9.

According to the online description, his session is called ‘The Internet Lie Machine’, with details reading: ‘As social media algorithms reward shock value over reality, as the line between fact and fiction weakens every day, as media propaganda and online hatred run rampant, we must ask: how did we get here and how do we get out of this mess?

‘We’ll hear from an expert authority on the rise of digital propaganda, a foremost civil rights advocate who understands the collision between misinformation and racial justice, and a global leader who is taking on misinformation in pursuit of a new era of truth.’

It is unknown what fee the Duke will receive for the appearance – last year, experts predicted he and Meghan, 40, could earn more than £1million each time they do a speech after signing up with an elite agency.

[From The Daily Mail]

Wired is a successful magazine and site, but I doubt they have $1 million to throw at a prince to speak at their panel discussion. No, the more disturbing thought for the Daily Mail is that Harry is taking part in this for the love of calling out lies, tabloid fictions and online hate campaigns. Harry would do that for free every day of the week! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Harry is collecting a small fee or something, but it’s not a million-dollar paycheck.

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