Russell Kane says Queens extended family should get a job in a marketing office

Russell Kane stars in Nextdoor video about Platinum Jubilee

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Russell Kane, 46, has called for the Queen’s extended family to get jobs in “marketing offices” in a discussion about the Royal Family. The comedian told the monarchy was an integral part of “British culture”.

Giving his opinion on the Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee this week, Russell said: “She has got what I call true leadership qualities in that she doesn’t have to shout or make a fuss to lead. 

“Loads of people can become leaders by force of their personality, but it’s much harder to become a leader through what you don’t say. Much harder. 

“I just love British culture and all things about us,” he continued.

“It wouldn’t feel like Britain to not have [the Royal Family]. 

“We are proud of it. You can get yourself tied up in knots about inherited privilege, but there’s a certain core crew that I do think should be there on the throne, I think they’re amazing.

“I do agree when it’s all the extended family, like the Duke’s second cousin who lives in Wales somewhere, they probably need to get a job in a marketing office or something,” he quipped. 

Russell also gave his verdict on the Queen’s recent health concerns which have seen her pull out of several public engagements. 

“I don’t know if you remember the Queen Mother,” said Russell.

“She wasn’t seen in public towards the end, because she didn’t like to be seen.

“She wouldn’t use a wheelchair and didn’t want to be seen using a zimmer frame because she thought it was un-leaderlike and not regal. 

“I suspect Her Majesty has got a similar sort of… It’s not vanity, it’s a PR type thing. 

“You need to be seen as a strong leader, she’s always so powerful, she probably doesn’t want to be seen having mobility issues, in fact she has stated that.

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“So I think she’s picking and choosing her engagements so when she does do an engagement, she can boss it, pearls on, stood up, and in style.

“That would be my guess rather than some hideous condition that we are not seeing. 

“I think it’s more that she’s got these mobility issues, as she’s allowed to, at her age, I suspect it’s that,” he said.

“At the end of the day, Charles and William are more than capable of picking up and running with it, they just did the Opening of Parliament last week, England didn’t collapse – I like the way they left her chair empty though, that was such a power move! 

“’We’re not going to sit in mummy’s chair there, mummy’s chair shall remain empty,’” he added, imitating the Princes’ posh voices. 

Russell has partnered with Nextdoor, the online community network, to help encourage people all over the UK to get together with their neighbours this June and celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a Big Jubilee Lunch. 

To find out Russell’s tips to avoid any awkward interactions when inviting neighbours to your royal celebrations, watch his latest sketch here. 

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