Scarlett Moffatt slammed after begging for free £150 skirt then ‘ghosting’ owner

Gogglebox favourite Scarlett Moffatt has been accused of taking advantage of a small online business after allegedly begging for a £150 bespoke skirt to be sent her her for free.

The 28-year-old reportedly approached fashion start-up MySuitcase Boutique via their Instagram page asking for a customised version of their signature TULLE skirt.

She claimed to have wanted the skirt, which features crystal stars, to wear for the first ever Virgin Atlantic Pride flight to New York on June 28.

According to MailOnline , the star promised ‘lots of posts’ of coverage for the small business owned by Michaela Liu.

Michaela claimed she dispatched a bespoke pink version of the skirt to Scarlett as promised on June 21, but the star has completely ghosted her since.

It appears that Scarlett did not wear the skirt to the event either, opting for a rainbow sequined mini dress instead.

Michaela has now slammed the reality star as “rude and disrespectful”, claiming she has been “taken advantage of”.

Speaking to MailOnline, the 27-year-old said: “As a clothing brand, I rely on collaborations with Instagram influencers to get my business noticed, as well as word of mouth and great customer feedback.

“I was approached on Instagram by Scarlett Moffatt asking me if I do collaborations. I couldn't believe it when she messaged me, I obviously would never turn down this opportunity working with Queen of the jungle!

“I was so excited that out of all the brands/designers, Scarlett chose my business to collaborate with for an outfit for this amazing event!”

The entire Instagram conversation between the star and boutique owner suggests Scarlett reached out asking for a collaboration, promising Michaela that she would “do lots of posts”.

Scarlett initially wanted to wear the brand’s black version of the skirt but it was not available in her size.

Michaela offered to have a plain pink one hand-customised with the same stars as featured on the black skirt – a solution that appeared to satisfy Scarlett.

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