Shania Twain Reveals Very Bad Bout With Covid-19

The ‘From This Moment On’ singer opens up about her ‘touch-and-go’ experience with Covid pneumonia as she talks about her new single inspired by pandemic.

AceShowbizShania Twain shared her battle with COVID-19. The 57-year-old singer talked about her struggle with COVID on her new track “What You Gonna Do With That Air?”.

“It’s about the anxiety of running out of air. I had a very bad bout with COVID, with COVID pneumonia, and it was very touch-and-go. I was feeling like, oh my God, I just have to breathe,” she shared when discussing the inspiration behind the song.

Shania is one of the best-selling artists in country music history. But the chart-topping star is still hugely ambitious and Shania revealed that she would love to perform at the Super Bowl one day.

Asked about her long-term ambitions, Shania told the BBC, “The Super Bowl would be a great on. That’s a good target. I just need to think about which songs.”

Meanwhile, Shania recently revealed that music has been a “healing” presence in her life. The award-winning star has endured lots of ups and downs in her personal life – including being diagnosed with Lyme disease – but Shania has always found comfort in making and listening to music.

The “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” hitmaker shared, “Music healing me … has come right from the very beginning of my childhood. When I needed to escape, there’s no dinner in the house, I’m hungry, I got to [put] mind over matter, grab my guitar, go out in a bush and just write music until it’s time for bed.”

“If there was violence in the house, [it was the] same thing. Head out somewhere where I could be alone and not hear it and just get locked into my creative self and just disappear. Music was that escape.”

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