SpaceX Astronauts Wear Diapers on Ride Home Due to Broken Toilet

SpaceX astronauts will be all wrapped up during their flight back from the International Space Station — in diapers.

Those pesky toilet issues that plagued a previous flight back in September are back with a flourish.  Turns out the toilet is broken … again. So, without a proper receptacle on the Dragon capsule, the crew will have to resort to cruder methods of release.

The NASA astronauts have been in the International Space Station and the plan is for them to return to earth Sunday.  Astronaut Megan McArthur classically understated the problem by calling the situation “suboptimal.”

The ride back to earth is 20 hours, so diapers are essential to avoid a disgusting mess.

As for the toilet … well, it appears to be leaking under the floorboard, which required the astronauts to disable it.

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