Streams Of The Weeknd’s Songs Jump 41% After Super Halftime Show

Initial reports from MRC Data show streams of The Weeknd‘s songs jumped as much as 41% in the U.S. after the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show on February 7.

The report also said that Weeknd’s collected songs across his entire catalog saw a 42% surge at 48.9 million on-demand audio and video streams on February 7 – 8 after tallying 34.5 million streams on February 5-6.

“Blinding Lights,” which was played as the halftime closer at the Super Bowl, clocked 6.54 million streams, up 42%, to be ranked the most-streamed song on February 7-8.

His second-most-streamed tune was “Save Your Tears” (6.19 million; up 23%), which is also his current radio single and most recent top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Combined, “Blinding Lights” and “Save Your Tears” accounted for 26% of his total streams on Feb. 7-8.

Overall, the nine songs heard during the The Weeknd’s halftime performance collectively earned 23.8 million streams on Feb. 7-8 – up 51% compared to their 15.77 million on Feb. 5-6.

The Weeknd’s Halftime Songs, Ranked by On-Demand Streams on Feb. 7-8

“Blinding Lights” (6.54 million; up 42% compared to Feb. 5-6)
“Save Your Tears” (6.19 million; up 23%)
“The Hills” (2.52 million; up 79%)
“Starboy” (2.16 million; up 70%)
“Can’t Feel My Face” (1.69 million; up 83%)
“I Feel It Coming” (1.55 million; up 87%)
“Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” (1.44 million; up 88%)
“Call Out My Name” (1.25 million; up 46%)
“House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls” (465,000; up 350%)

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