Team USA's Erik Shoji Shows Off Food At Olympics, No Fyre Fest Here!

Olympic athletes are gonna eat GOOOOOD during the Tokyo Games … ’cause USA volleyball player Erik Shoji gave an official taste test at one of the dining halls this week — and it looks delicious!!

Of course, Shoji is staying in the Olympic Village … and says he has two dining options — main and casual.

For Tuesday’s dinner, Shoji picked casual — which is all Japanese food — and shared his experience on TikTok … warning viewers, “watching me eat is CRINGE.”

Shoji stuffs his face with teriyaki beef, grilled pork, seasoned corn, okonomiyaki, somen salad and fruit for dessert … giving a big thumbs up to each course of his meal.

“It’s pretty good!!!” Shoji says as he scarfs down the grub.

No word on how good the “main” option is — but we’re sure it’s full of American favorites to help the athletes feel at home.

It’s a huge sigh of relief to know the athletes don’t have a Fyre Fest situation on their hands — remember the “sandwiches” staff were left eating during that crap show??

The 31-year-old also gave Olympics fans a tour of where he’s staying during the Games — “This is our little living room. Kinda small,” Shoji says. “But, the best part is our balcony view!”

There’s also a fridge, microwave and snacks — but no stove.

But, with OV dining like that … who needs to cook?!

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