The Mail: Rose Hanbury is being ‘advised’ by royal advisors to say nothing

I’ve come to a conclusion about why the British tabloids are being so careful with HOW they report anything about Rose Hanbury. The pieces in The Sun and the Mail on Sunday are so carefully written, so meticulously cloying, sycophantic and fake-sympathetic towards Rose, my theory is that the editors believe that this is the only way they can talk around the alleged affair between Rose and Prince William. For this story to still be percolating in such major tabloids (the Sun and the Mail) months later, even after William’s lawyers issued massive threats, it just shows you that even the editors know that there’s something there. So they’re handling the story delicately and framing it as solely about Rose and HER marriage. The official storyline is that Rose is suffering because Kate – out of nowhere! – decided to phase out “rural rival” Rose, and now Rose’s life and marriage are in shambles. The Mail on Sunday picked up on the Sun’s reporting last week with a detailed account of their own – you can read it here. Some highlights:

Rose’s falling out with Kate: Once close friends, the two women are said to have become ever more estranged in recent months amid persistent gossip about Rose’s friendship with Prince William and Kate, which royal sources dismiss as ‘unsubstantiated rumours’. Rose’s confidantes describe her as ‘lonely’ and increasingly isolated, as those who know both her and Kate feel torn.

Royal advisors are helping: And the issue is causing such concern in Royal circles that Royal advisers have stepped in to help the Marquess and Marchioness with handling the media, advising them to say nothing, The Mail on Sunday understands.

Rose’s marriage is awful: Only adding to Rose’s distress is the frequent absence of her husband, fabulously rich film-maker the Marquess of Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley), David Rocksavage, 58 – once described as ‘the greatest catch in England’. He is said to be spending more and more time with his own friends in Paris – including a controversial convicted criminal called Francois-Marie Banier – while Rose is left alone to run their magnificent country seat, 106-room Houghton Hall with its 1,000-acre estate bordering Sandringham.

People are worried about Rose: ‘People are worried about her. The most loyal friends are sticking by her but others, they haven’t,’ one source said. ‘It has caused her great distress to have suddenly found herself the talking point of everyone in the area. She is very aware about what is being said and she has tried to put a brave face on it. On top of that, she has a husband who is away more than he is present. It has been a lonely time.’

The Cambridges & Rocksavages were legitimately close: In years past, the Rocksavages were often guests of the Cambridges at their Norfolk home Anmer Hall, less than three miles from Houghton, as well as being guests at the Royal Wedding in 2011. Both had a standing invitation to Kate’s birthday weekend parties at Sandringham each January, which usually entail a shoot on the Saturday followed by an evening party, then a Sunday morning service at St Mary Magdalene Church with the Queen. Only Kate’s closest friends are invited to these get-togethers, along with her family. Other guests have included Sophie Carter, scion of a Norfolk construction family and godmother to Princess Charlotte.

The Cambridges skipped the Houghton horse trials this year: At Kate’s 35th birthday in 2017, Rose and David could be seen standing chatting to the Middleton parents. Rose was nowhere to be seen at the corresponding event this year, according to royal watchers. And neither were Kate and William seen at the Houghton International horse trials last month, where Zara Tindall was competing, despite Kate being pictured there the previous year with George and Charlotte.

Rose & David’s friends are sticking by them: Despite the rumours surrounding Rose’s friendship with William and Kate, many of her circle are loyally standing by her and refuse to believe it is anything more than gossip. ‘It’s been very hard on them,’ one friend said. ‘I know it has really upset them. I’ve spoken to David about it. There is absolutely no truth in it and it has been incredibly hard for them. Rose is a brilliant woman and she will get over it, but it has obviously affected her and has made her feel pilloried. It is not true, all nonsense, but she knows that it is very hard to say anything. She just has to wait until it all blows over. That is what the couple have been advised and that is all she can do.’ One royal source insisted the whole saga was simply ‘malicious gossip’ from someone ‘who appears to have an agenda to discredit William and Kate’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Royal advisors are stepping in to help… ROSE? Rose, who is having problems because the Duchess of Cambridge has tried to shun her from Turnip Toff society and phase her out? Royal Kate, who will be Queen, doesn’t want to be anywhere near Rose and so… royal advisors are going to Rose and telling her not to say anything about it? What is this f–ked up aristocratic world?

And honestly, I love how we’re supposed to feel gutted for a well-connected, rich aristocrat’s wife who banged the future king (allegedly) and still gets to live in a palatial estate full of fantastic artwork and her three healthy and photogenic children. Rose is supposed to be distraught because Kate threw a tantrum? Nah. Rose is sympathetic because her older husband spends a lot of time in Paris? I mean, Rose probably prefers that. She has more free time for her affairs too. That’s simply the way it’s done. That’s probably why David spends so much time in Paris in the first place – to give his young wife the space and freedom to do what she wants. I don’t think that people get that this group really plays by their own set of rules.

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