The Rock opens up about his battle with coronavirus: ‘You never know’

COVID-19 doesn’t care if we’re rich, poor, good-looking, tall, short, Republican or Democrat – if it can reach you, it will. The latest celebrity to confirm this is Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who posted ad 11-minute video to Instagram on Wednesday letting his fans know that he, his wife Lauren and his two youngest girls, Jasmine and Tiana, all tested positive for COVID-19. While Jasmine and Tiana only suffered from mild symptoms, DJ and Lauren apparently had a rough go of it. Thankfully, everyone has come out the other side after several weeks of suffering. Because they were fortunate enough to overcome COVID, DJ is warning people about the dangers of contracting the virus and what precautions he think we should take to avoid his fate. I’ve posted his whole video below but the part I wanted to highlight is when he explained that they contracted the virus by having trusted friends over.

Here’s how we got COVID-19: We picked up COVID-19 from very close family friends. And these are people who we love and trust, people who we still love and trust. And they are devastated, by the way, that they were the ones who picked it up, they have no idea where they picked it up. They are devastated that it led to infecting our family. Luckily we were able to control it, mitigate it, and it didn’t spread out of control. But they, like us, have been incredibly disciplined.

You guys know me. I’m a pretty nice guy, I work hard, I like to have a good time, but I am also incredibly disciplined, I am extremely disciplined when it comes to health, when it comes to best practices, when it comes to safety measured for my family, my loved ones and my friends and people who I care about. I’m very, very disciplined. And I applied that discipline – we were on lockdown since March, with all of you guys as well, we have been disciplined, we’ve quarantined, we’ve isolated, I have not worked and I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job of protecting our family. But, like a lot of you guys out there, having your friends over, having your family members over, your loved ones – of course you want that, because you want that connection and you want to be with the people who you love and who you care about and who you have a good time with.

My takeaway here isn’t necessarily keep them away, I’m not saying that. But, what I am saying is: now apply an even greater discipline to having people over to your house. So now, what we’re going to do – and believe me, I was disciplined and strict and stringent before, but now this household, there’s going to be new rules that I’m implementing. And I pass this on to you guys – if you guys are having family and friends over to your house, you know them you trust them, they’ve been quarantining just like you guys, you still never know. You never know. So, take an even aggressive measure, have them tested, get everybody tested before they come over. Have them tested the day before and if they test positive, you stay away. If you don’t, then come over.

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We all have friends who have had friends or even acquaintances over and justified it in every way possible. And I am willing to bet those justifications sounded a lot like what DJ described above. We are all doing what we consider to be the absolutely most to protect ourselves and our families but, like DJ said, we just never know if it’s enough. My kids are so desperate to see their friends, it breaks my heart. We, too, caved and allowed one to visit, implementing six feet distance in the house, wearing masks at all times except when we ate dinner, which we ate outside, with the friend at the far end of the table. And we know and love this girl, but the minute she left, we regretted our decision. It freaked us out too much. Fortunately, none of us have come down with anything since that visit but – you never know. If any of us had gotten sick, I would have never forgiven myself. I’m not judging anyone. I’m sure everyone here has truly done everything they were supposed to. DJ’s message is a very good wake up call because as he mentioned several times, if we consider anyone to be disciplined, it’s him. And yet, he still wasn’t disciplined enough. Many of us cut a corner or two for our own pleasure during quarantine. After watching this, I’m asking myself if it was worth it.

DJ’s caption covered all his ‘takeaways’ from the video:

My message to all of you around the 🌎

Stay disciplined.
Boost your immune system.
Commit to wellness.
Wear your mask.
Protect your family.
Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings.
Stay positive.
And care for your fellow human beings.

Stay healthy, my friends.

DJ 🖤

He talks a lot about wearing a mask and how he understands those with COPD have trouble with masks, but his mom has COPD after stage three lung cancer took half her lung and she wears one every day. My mother gets claustrophobic in masks and when it’s too much for her, she stays home because she will not venture outside the house without one on. I recommend you watch the full video. He talks a lot and says the same thing several time but it’s to drive the point home. Solitude sucks, everything sucks – but getting COVID will suck more. And hearing your babies – regardless of their ages – have tested positive for it is a bell that will never be unwrung in your ears.

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