These Tweets About Nessa Diab’s Breonna Taylor Earrings At The VMAs Are A Pretty Mixed Bag

Although the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards couldn’t take place as originally planned, the network made due given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One presenter taking the virtual stage during the VMAs Pre-Show was TV host and actress Nessa Diab, whose Breonna Taylor earrings sparked some mixed reactions. Several viewers took to Twitter to voice both praise and concern once they realized Diab’s earrings spelled out "Breonna Taylor."

Diab’s earrings feature Taylor’s name in a jewel-encrusted, dangling silhouette. She posted a close-up look at the earrings in a photo of herself on Instagram, with the following caption:

The sentiment did not sit well with most. While Diab’s intentions may have been to continue to shed light on Taylor’s story, several people tweeted in opposition of the move; many made the valid point that putting Taylor’s name on a pair of earrings rings of people turning her name into a meme and merch, thus aligning her with a trend rather than an individual senselessly killed at the hands of police.

Other voiced a different opinion, with some viewing Diab’s earrings as a small way to keep Taylor’s name and story top of mind for viewers. Other Twitter users viewed the earrings as a subtle form of protest, while others simply didn’t see an issue.

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