'Tiger King' Zookeeper Erik Cowie No-Shows for DUI Hearing, Warrant Issued

Erik Cowie, the former ‘Tiger King’ head zookeeper, might have gotten himself in more trouble after failing to appear for sentencing in his DUI case … this according to law enforcement.

We’re told Cowie no-showed in court this week where he was scheduled to be sentenced after previously entering a guilty plea last month for driving under the influence.

Our sources say Cowie was likely looking at just a year probation, fines and fees and a potential alcohol education program for his sentence — as is customary in Oklahoma for first-time DUI offenders — but his no-show could change that.

The maximum sentence is up to a year in county jail … and we’re told that’s back on the table. After Cowie failed to appear, the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest and set his bond at $2,500.

We broke the story … Cowie was busted after cops say he was driving drunk and crashed into another car on an interstate highway. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the crash.

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