Wendy Williams Cries While Apologizing for Comments About Gay Men – Watch (Video)

Wendy Williams is apologizing.

The Wendy Williams Show host issued an apology video on Friday (February 14) following an episode of her show in which she spoke about gay men, criticizing them for wearing “our skirts and heels.”

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“I’ll start by saying I apologize, I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show. I did not realize until I got home, and I watched the second running of our show,” she explained.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’m just having a conversation. If you know me long enough, then you know…I live and let live every day. Life is too short. I’m 55 years old, and maybe I sounded like your auntie, your mother, your big sister, or somebody out of touch. I’m not out of touch, except for perhaps yesterday by saying what I said. I deeply apologize,” she went on to say while crying.

“I will do better,” she pledged. Watch her response video…

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